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  1. A lot of the VA funding is changing almost daily. At my school they said about 3 weeks ago that they would pay for Private if you already registered and then about a week later they said if the they didn't pass their checkrides by 1 Jan 2016 then they were going to pull whatever money they had left over.
  2. I am currently a CFI student there and have done both my instrument rating and commercial training there. (Got my private at Bristow in 2008) I can't say I did much research into other schools before I came here but I've had nothing but a great time with professional and knowledgeable instructors and management. They will bend over backwards for you and I highly recommend it. As for the wind issue stated above...I trained at the Troutdale (TTD) side for most of my training and the fall/winter winds are rampant there due to the gorge. As it goes there, company policy is: Supervised solos can’t have winds more than 5knts. First Ramp Solo can’t have winds higher than 7knts and afterward (for solo) it just goes up depending on flight hours after PPL. I’ve flown in winds there 25G30 for a stage check after we got higher level approval but normally (dual training) wind speed including gusts can't exceed 25knts and gust spreads can't exceeed 10knts. The flying environment is varied, beautiful and challenging. You would primarily be flying out of one of two airports: Hillsboro (KHIO); with practice areas to the north and west and the airport itself is busy, busy or Troutdale (KTTD); with practice areas to the north and south and the amazing gorge to the east and the airport is usually pretty calm until the winds start and then you get to have some fun with them. KPDX lies closer to KTTD so you have to be aware of the overlying C airspace but it’s fun doing midfield crossings there. One more thing, there is the downtown heliport (61J) which until recently did not required upper level permission due to crane activity but it lies in Portland and I always enjoyed doing approaches into there. Any other questions, feel free to ask.
  3. Bristow is not accredited and not VA approved. Plus I wanted to get away and live somewhere else.
  4. Haha, thanks for the warm welcome.
  5. They both have their benefits, depends on the job as Eric Hunt said.
  6. Hello, Since I couldn't find a specific area for new guy introductions, this place seemed suitable. My name is Sean, I earned my rotorcraft private certificate in 2008 and took a nice long break to join the Army as a UH60 maintainer/crewchief. I finally ETS'd in June of 14 and now I'm a full time student at PCC Oregon while training for my commercial/instrument rotorcraft ratings at Hillsboro Aviation. I figured finding an active helicopter forum would be in my best interest and this one looks appealing. Thanks!
  7. I just moved to Oregon from Cocoa Beach, got my private pilot rating at Bristow in Titusville about 6 years ago and I just moved here to start training commercial at Hillsboro Aviation. I grew up in the area and it's a pretty nice place to live. If you have any general questions about it, feel free to ask.
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