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  1. PM me for my phone number, I went USSR to AD. It's not hard, you don't need a recruiter until after you are selected.
  2. Regarding the Private, I wouldn't pay out of pocket, unless you really want the privileges sooner. Talk to both Chief Flight Instructors, ask what they have in the Approved TCOs. You're getting into the nitty gritty of the TCO wording and what the school will certify. For the FAA you have to have CFI first (obviously), regarding the class portion it's totally up to the school and staff.
  3. Yeah, if they are degree programs you might as well do the private first. It will be fast, and let you exercise your privileges sooner. The only caveat is the school will probably make you take the full classes. I.e. Semester 1 - Private, Semester 2-Instrument, etc. That might hold up your progress since the class is required for Part 141 at a college. So you *might* have to wait a bit to move on. ///EDIT/// It might make more sense to just jump into Instrument and Commercial. So you won't waste any time getting to CFI by having to wait for each semester.
  4. I'll point out some VA stuff. First if you have the GI Bill use it! 1) Gi Bill won't pay for Private; unless it's part of a degree (and part 141) program. If you find a degree program, do it! It pays 100% of flight fees, plus tuition, plus BAH. 2) You can use the Vocational GI Bill, for up to $15,000 annually. But it will not cover Private, and it doesn't go very far. Instrument alone will kill this for a year. 3) I'm going to disagree with Bootcamp on the Private first part. Mostly because any Commercial flying will be at least partially covered by the GI Bill. Plus checkrides are expensive and Private won't be repaid. Mostly this comes down to how you want to work your GI Bill and best implement it. If you can use the degree program.
  5. Seriously no one else is in this WOCS class? Looks like it might be all Tech WOs...
  6. Good to hear trying to avoid doubling my cell bill by going to Verizon.
  7. How is the T-Mobile coverage at Ft. Rucker? According to the T-Mo map is should be acceptable. Just wanted to hear first hand.
  8. To other future class mates, we have a secret facebook page. Send me a PM to add you to the group.
  9. I'm in-017. I haven't' started the DL yet.
  10. I sent you a PM with a possible POC, let me know if I'm right.
  11. I just got my ATRRS email for 3 JUNE 2015 WOCS Class 15-017. Anyone else in the same class?
  12. Sorry, just found out I'm in 15-017.
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