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  1. A personal favorite list.. I Prevail- 'Heart vs. Mind' Disturbed - ' Immortalized Avenged Sevenfold - 'Critical Acclaim' Escape the Fate - 'Just a Memory' Escape the Fate - 'This War is Ours' Limp Bizkit - 'Nookie' A Day to Remember - 'Sometimes You're the Hammer, Sometimes You're the Nail' Upon This Dawning - 'Call Me Maybe' (yes, it's a cover but it jams) If you liked the 'Call me Maybe' cover, I Prevail does a pretty awesome one of Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space'. Don't lie you know you want to rock out to this song.
  2. Nice choice with the 311! They've got some more upbeat jams as well, good for running.
  3. Traveling light is the way to go! Coming from Mississippi is a bit closer than Arizona as well...
  4. No family to bring with Eagle, I'm packing light.
  5. Well at least I'll knock that one out first then. Yamer, are you at Fort Rucker now or are you in Arizona?
  6. Haha sounds like a nice vacation, maybe it'll make Rucker in August not seem so bad. Eagle I have the same report date, the day before my birthday.
  7. I ship June 1st to Fort Jackson. Prime time for some good humid PT. When do you plan on heading to Rucker?
  8. I'll be in that class bud, fresh out of Basic.
  9. That's a bummer, sorry to hear that dude.
  10. Haha yeah I spent 8.5 years living there, some damn good times. And yes the brewery kills it, the Christmas Ale is especially fantastic.
  11. Age: 28 GT/AFQT: 125/85 SIFT: 66 APFT: 244 Education: Associate of Arts Degree w/ 3.4 GPA Flight Physical: Completed and Approved Waiver: ACL Reconstruction in 2009, Abnormal EKG LOR's: Former Employer (Private Business Owner), Former Supervisor (Govt Employee), Previous College Professor (Retired Police Officer, and State Representative), Retired Army LTC (Family Friend), AD Army CW4. Board: 75/75 Aviation: PPL in Rotor-craft. 55 total flight hours. Other Info: Current Retail Manager for Oakley Inc., Assistant Manager/ Buyer for private retail company for 4 years, spent time Volunteering for Town of Breckenridge for multiple events. Selected January 2015
  12. Yes you can 100% redo your Battalion Board, that's what I was doing when I saw you last month. I was told no my first selection board and I did that battalion board for a better score and it seems to have made a huge difference. Make it happen, don't give up.
  13. Just spoke with a major that was on my battalion board.....Officially Selected! I hope that others on here receive similar news, I asked if he had any details on the board, but all he knew were my results. I'm pulling for everyone else, and happy to say the easy part is over.
  14. try not to think about it too much today....yeah right. Good luck, some solid applicants here.
  15. holy jesus that is some intense sh*t. I'm sold on that composite construction after that for sure.
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