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  1. After about 2 years of raising my Stats, getting everything together, stalking CW5s and getting pushed from November to Janurary, I wasn't selected. Guess I gotta take a knee, drink some water and catch my breath.......I'll see you guys in May. Congrats to everyone that got selected. I wish you my best and good luck in flight school.
  2. We prolly won't know until Tuesday next week.....typically it'll come out the following Monday, but next Monday is a federal holiday. Unless if course they try and get it in on Friday....who knows....
  3. Alright so I here I am......a November board ready applicant pushed to January. Here we go.....bring on January.
  4. Does anyone know the rough timeframe that the milper message will get put out? I know what it says on the USAREC website but I am hoping it's sooner.
  5. I think we're all just holding our breath. At this point there's nothing we can do anyway but just pray and hope for the best. I'm gonna say it one last time, good luck everyone!!!!
  6. Touché! Well I guess you'll be finding out before me!
  7. Hate to burst your bubble but it will be longer than that. After the board convenes we have to wait two weeks for the milper message to be published to see who got selected. The board convenes on the 21st, so we probably won't know until the end of the month.
  8. Yea I was thinking there would be more people on here. Everyone's packets look good though, I wish everyone good luck and hope to see you in WOCS!!!!
  9. Hoping for a low number of active applicants and a high number of slots!
  10. I think for the most part we are just waiting until November. I'm trying not to think about it because I keep psyching myself out.
  11. ... It's longer than that. We won't find out until after the board convenes which is on the 21st. Which is a Friday do it'll prolly be the following week.
  12. It feels so far off for me....I still can't wait though. Even once November rolls around it's not until the week of the 17th and we have to wait until after that.
  13. For sure! I feel like this is the path I need to go down and how I would like to continue my military career.
  14. Right on thanks for the good info. Hopefully we all get some good news in November. Although it cannot come soon enough.
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