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  1. This is the situation i am in and i can say it is possible. I am currently 33 and have been informed by company commander and battalion commander that the local Guard unit will evaluate my packet for WOFT if i am willing to enlist for a 24 month contract. I am fortunate enough however to have the backing of the chain of command in this venture. (Obviously this is not a confirmed/ your in situation) but it is as good as it gets being a low time rotorhead.
  2. I am currently flying the ever popular R44, however since my step son has a calling to have one of the most dangerous jobs in the Army it makes me want to fly Dustoff or Attack. Growing up i spent a great deal of time listening to stories from my father and Charles Sasser (close friend of my fathers). Through their stories i developed a desire to want to help people; to be the person to pluck those in needs from dangerous situations. I do beleive it is going to be 60's!
  3. The silver linings are amazing for doing things right or not taking th easy road. This time however for me it sucks..... I am being delayed yet again. While Attending MEPS i elected o go the high rd and not do as the recriter said an i brought up that i had an allergic reaction in 05 to an unknown substance which went undiscovered till MEPS forced my hand and made me get tested for Allergies last week & disqualifying me.... Now i have to submit for a waiver to reenlist... good thing i am already practiced ith the hurry up and wait.
  4. Well; i just got the outprocessing nearly completed with my unit. The only item left is providing the Form 4 to my CSS and attended MEPS. Unfortunately, having integrity sucks at times. during MEPS i answered the question pertaining to allergies. Unfortunately, in 05 i suffered are strange reaction while working in the hospital, my airway became restricked 2 times in about 1.5 weeks. no noticible swelling other than airway, no rash, swelling of lips/tongue, redness etc. We attempted to duplicate I everything i did on each day without replication of symptoms . Being 33 i hadn't thought anything
  5. Thank you. I am positioned to enter at a 15T currently (i wanted to get the Mx side of the 60's and stay in a unit that is working with me). After finishing the AIT for 15T my unit has agree to "look" at my WOFT packet. I think i have a pretty good chance, but i am wanting to add every bit of school/ Army experience i can get prior to board. My personal preferance is actually the 64's, but i will not be getting that in the guard or atleast seriously doubt it with them being pulled to AD.
  6. Conditional Release and paperwork complete. MEPS is set for Tesday! Hope to ship by Nov 15th... question for the masses. If i can get one of the following which one would be most beneficial to my career in the Army (obviously with career pogression toward rotor-wing pilot). I am going to try to get both but it will depend on alot of factors. I am just curious which woud be more beneficial. 1. Airborne 2. Air Assault
  7. i think the funniest day I have had flying was a similar "Hot Mike" experience. While also in training i was sitting on the ground preforming runup procedures and heard a very odd radio call... "Bend Traffic Censna XXXX Short final, Full Stop B2........" "Bend Traffic Censna XXXX Will Exit Runway 34 @ B3....Come on stop please.....Correction B4......Comeon Baby please stop........B5......Thank you baby, Thank you..... Bend Traffic Censna XXXX Clear 34 @ B5"............
  8. Utimately is up to the Commanders & Cadre, Regs are there but like most things in the military and civilian life regulations are up for interpretation as far the to the extent they are followed.. This can however provide some level of insite as to what it "Could" be like. When thinking of Military Schools I try to follow the guidance of an individual i know all to well who was the Chief Instructor at the Fort Chaffee NCOA for the last 14 years of his career. he said " Just remember, They can and will make your life HELL, but they won't kill you"
  9. The as mentioned the Commanders can determine to what extent an individual will be treated as a Prior Service while attending BCT. alot will be determined by "YOU and how they perceive you" always strive to be an NCO and carry yourself as one. The rest falls on the Command to determine what they think you need. 4-8. MOS trained/prior service Soldiers a. MOS trained and prior service Soldiers are those individuals, in any grade, who have previously completed IET and are attending skill level 1 training in IET units as a result of reclassification or enlistment actions. Reclassified and prio
  10. Will keep that in mind. "Hopefully" leaving Next friday, will find out this friday. i am thinking i am getting puched back to Jan departure though.
  11. Ladies and gentleman. I think this has brought to light some very real and legitimate responces concerning this topic. I want to thank each of you for your input as i weight my options. I have done alot of thinking about this over the last few weeks and i believe i know how i am going to handle the situation. First, let me say that i am alway trying to gain insite into things that i am puzzled by; this topic for me was concerning for the obvious reasons and as such i understand we are all going to have a differing opinions from both sides of the industry. Owners, ground crew and the PICs
  12. Exactly what is do. I just talk to them about everything i am doing to make them as comfortable as possible. even to the extent of explaining clutch lights coming on.... it get redundant but it works.
  13. nope we where trying to make it a short stop. was headed due east across the sierra's. wanted to camp in the desert that night.
  14. During a long Cx flight a friend of mine and i detoured from Yosemite Valley to Merced (MCE) due to a power outage which they "never have " in southern CA....Anyway, when only 3 miles from Merced (MCE) we see a "Control Tower" we look at all of our chart and discover there is no tower on the charts... we begin flying donuts trying to reach tower without any luck. After about 15 minutes of doing everything we could do to reach tower we hear a voice on the radio....." Hey Helicopter! Are you lost?" it is a local Learjet which is on final to Merced! he stated that the tower was decomission in the
  15. Batting 50/50 with my concerns one to keep fighting the other could go either way. I checked with a check pilot for a 135 op and FAA evaluator i know. both said same thing; given the information provided. Do exactly as i have been and refuse to bend on the "Safety" issue i was presented with, the other i am just going to give on and do the best i can. I also got the chance to spend some time learning about HEMS operations. (Never is a bad thing to learn as much as possible). Thanks guys.
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