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  1. Hi GUys What do you guys think about the Eurocopter EC120 Colibri? That looks like a good looking helicopter with all the paint and the tail rotor looks pretty futuristic. It sure does look safer than the R44. There's another company I could charter and they use the Eurocopter exclusively.
  2. Hi Everyone thanks for the responses. It is a popular LA charter company, Orbic Air. I've called a lot of LA Hotels and they all say they contract out their helipad services and charter services to them. They have an exclusive package to land on a rooftop building in LA with a helipad for several minutes. Allows me to do my proposal and have some champagne. They also have ones where they land on mountain hill tops in Malibu. From the pictures of the building that I can see, I do not see major power lines or anything. There is no structures around that large building that they are pl
  3. Hi Guys I have planned to hire a LA helicopter charter company to do a helicopter proposal. They mainly use Robinson R44s and I think a Bell for larger group. Anyhow, the basic idea is the helicopter will carry her and 2 friends to a rooftop. There, I will be waiting for her to do the proposal. My concern is the safety of the Robinson R44, reliability, and the risks in general. The company doesn't seem to have much issues but I can't help but think about all those accidents I read world-wide, especially with the bad reputation of the R44. Should I fork over the money and just ask the
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