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  1. Thank you all for the replies and advice, it is very much appreciated. I am certainly going to do my best to make myself look better for the board. This coming April will mark 3 years TIS for me and I am trying to go to the board for E5 around then, as well as getting schooling done and I'll be having a second deployment coming up in 2016. Thanks once again for the advice, and I understand that even if I make all this happen I could still get DQ'd in a heartbeat, but I believe it's still worth a shot if it means there's even a tiny chance I could fly for the Army someday.
  2. I will still be giving it a shot, that's for sure. I just hope that one small and now insignificant part of my life doesn't turn out to be what stops me from going through with my lifelong dream.
  3. I am an active duty SPC, currently deployed and trying to get things in order to submit a WOFT packet when I get back. My issue, however, is that in fall of 2013 I was sent to an inpatient hospital for 3 and a half days for "severe depression." It was pretty much a precautionary measure because of some private issues I was going through, but it's still listed as that on my medical records. I was never put on any type of medication. I have since been cleared and and put on deployable status obviously so the army knows I am good to go. In people's honest opinion, will this disqualify me during a flight physical? Do you think I'd need a waiver or are my chances pretty much slim to none?
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