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  1. I didn't mean this post to seem like 47s are lazy, I'm saying that there are a lot of aircraft and not enough pilots to keep them in the air
  2. Yeah it is crazy. You see so many 47s always sitting around.
  3. Selection today: 1-AH64 4-UH60 1-C12 0-CH47
  4. Any advice I would say to get the best recommendation letter that you can from a senior warrant, and study/score the highest that you can on the SIFT. Prepare yourself well for the board. If you don't make the first board, keep improving and try again
  5. Eager to see the results. Seems like a large class selection, compared to recent
  6. The report date is the report date, unless your orders say you can report earlier or later. If you are pcsing for flight school, you will report here and have about 10 days to inprocess unless, again, your orders say otherwise.
  7. Day Zero really isn't that bad. No matter how good you are as a class, you will still get messed with. Just make sure you come physically fit. A lot of people get out of shape waiting to come. We have 9 APFT failures on day 0.
  8. When you report to WOCS Staff duty, they will assign you a room in the barracks. You will stay there during in-processing and then you will move barracks when you start day 0 of WOCS. This is the day you do your APFT. If you pass you move, if you fail you stay there until the next class.
  9. I graduated on 25 March so I can help you more if you need assistance!
  10. When you arrive at Rucker, you will sign in at WOCS. They will give you an inprocessing date. If you are TDY and return, you will stay in the barracks until school starts. If you are PCS, then you should seek housing before hand. If you plan to move your family after WOCS then you will get permissive TDY after and have 10 days to find a house. You arrive 10 days early in order to I process post which only takes two days.
  11. I have been searching for the answers, but I still need help answering these questions. I am going to flight training, coming from MP Branch. What Regimental Affiliation do I wear on the ASU, and what Branch would I wear? I assume that it would be the Aviation Branch, but I don't want to be wrong. I ask this, because, I know that I haven't completed flight school, but I know I will be assigned to HHC there at Rucker. Thanks for the help
  12. I hope to fly the 60s, however, I don't care if I have to select another airframe. Getting the chance to fly excites me, and whatever the role, its going to be bad a** either way!
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