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  1. I am sure that you will need the gold stripe seeing as CPL and above it is required and when you are appointed to WO-1 you will fit this category.
  2. Well so I submitted my packet about 3 days before the deadline (close I know), finally got confirmation today that it made it to "board ready" status! I got an additional LOR (from an non Aviator cw4) that is amazing that I plan on adding. I also I am trying to scrounge up some college credits to add before the cutoff. Will be cutting it close with that one though. So ready for this to be over.
  3. OH OH OH Patches!!!! I had this patch made to represent our convoy security team!
  4. LOR's were literally the last things I had done. Although it almost cost me lol. Didn't get my SWO LOR until about 3 days before submission cut off.
  5. That sucks. Not only the fact that they messed you up but the eye exam sucks too! LOL. I gave myself a headache trying to focus.
  6. Well like Phrogs said... My choice would be 64's but I would take anything. I love all of the frames, just the 64 a little more.
  7. Thanks for your input Lindsey. Once I receive the LOR from the second source I will email them to you.
  8. Getting another LOR from one of my old CW4's that isn't aviation. Thoughts? Will it help even though he isn't an aviator. My thoughts are, "the more, the merrier" LOL.
  9. So I just went through the FY13 and FY14 MILPER messages and got the numbers for what seem to be the Active Components: FY13: 294 Selected Jan 13 - 74 Mar 13 - CANCELLED for 153A (assuming applicants were pushed to May board) May 13 - 72 July 13 - 74 Sept 13 - 74 (EDIT*** this was the board to be on. 74 FQ-S, 10 FQ-NS, 5 NS-NC) FY14: 228 Selected Nov 13 - 61 Jan 14 - 56 May 14 - 57 July 14 - 54 FY15????????
  10. I would definitely look into the IST first, but that is just me. I couldn't imagine the service just letting you go by resigning your commission on the "hopes" of getting selected through the civilian WOFT (although I am sure you would). You can definitely still make it to 160th as a Commissioned Officer. One would think USAREC could atleast give you the steps needed to take .
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