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  1. Hey guys how did u guys find out you class date so quickly?? I got selected but not for Aviation..
  2. It's killing me... I talked to an Army Maj and he told me if its not there in the morning then it won't be till the next day. Hopefully I walk into work and check HRC and its there.
  3. I'm not in the Army or A Marine. I'm in the Air Force and I have completed ALS(what you need to become an NCO), NCOA(what you need to become a SNCO) and I conpleted SEJPME (Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education) would I still have to do the 7 week course if selected? I'm a E6, I would think all of my PME would be valid. It's all on my RIP. What do u guys think. If selected I'll call HRC and have my Chief look into it. I know I have to go to Basic.
  4. Just want to be board ready. Do they work through the weekend? Guys will I miss the board even though I submitted everything on 20 Nov? I don't think they would do that. They told me I have been "A" status AFS Waiver approval since 30 December.
  5. They told me 24-48 hours after the board convenes.
  6. Oh Ok, then I she has already passed my packet through. because it is at the Proponent. It has been there for a month now. The Southern recruiter told me that they might hold on to them until the last minute. Per the website. Applicants who do not require waiver approval and submit a 100% error free packet, by the respective cutoff date, are guaranteed to go to that board. Pending Waiver approval or packet deficiencies can cause you to miss a board. I have an AFS waiver. But that should not take this long, I am at 12 years.
  7. Thanks for all the info Beck0321. I might nag them this week. I will call on Monday and again Wednesday and Friday. That is crazy that one lady's in charge of distributing waivers. She is the sole person that says yes and no for AFS,AGE, Morale, Tattoo, ect..
  8. I was wondering the same thing Creep0321. Also is your packet Board ready? Just asking because mine is not.
  9. I have been ready since I submitted it on 20 Nov. Submitted my last update on 28 Dec. I am still not Board ready, still at the proponent. I wonder if its because I am an Air Force guy?? I will send an email on Monday to see if my status has flipped yet. I just want to know the hold up. its been in "P" status for a while now.
  10. I didn't ask him. If he was a nice recruiter he would of told me.
  11. Less than 30 days guys. Spoke with the southern recruiter on Friday. Still in "P" status. He told me that I will probably be like that for a while. He said they like to hold on to the packages until near the board date. told me to call back on the 29th. He asked me if I was a 153A, told him yes. He said they have about 200 applicant. The hold overs from November are in those numbers. If I could take leave until the 12th I would.
  12. Yea its the last step before board ready. You can either move forward or regress.
  13. Found out today I am in "P" status. at the proponent to see if it will be competitive. I didn't ask when it got there. If I don't get anything back by email I will call next Monday.
  14. Status H is when I'm waiting for the AFS waiver (USAREC Boards Branch). I will call on Monday then. Thanks Creep0321
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