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  1. They’ll probably just be executed to prevent classified data spillage. 🤫
  2. Hey I know that guy too!! He’s back here at Rucker now.
  3. I believe it is a mandatory pass, used to be anyways. But don’t sweat it man. It’s a great course with excellent instructors that seriously care about your training. Make the most of it.
  4. “Just as a Warrant Officer...” “even if it’s...” go fly somewhere else. If this is how you think of the Warrant Officer corps you’re intending to join and what you think of the job you’re applying for, then we don’t want you, and it sounds like you don’t want it either.
  5. Push your kid to score better and get that 15T/U slot. As a prior enlisted infantryman and current aviator I can promise he’ll enjoy it more. I find the back of a chinook far more comfortable and to be honest I think Chinook crew chiefs have more expected of them so I’d shoot for 15U, although I’m a Blackhawk guy myself. 15X means literally anything in Aviation. Do your due diligence and make damn sure you know what MOS he’s signing up for. Avoid any Apache related jobs as they DO NOT fly. Let me say that again, if your son gets a job as a 15R or 15Y (to include 15X bc you don’t know where he’ll end up) HE WILL NOT FLY. same thing for 15P and 15Q. Let me be clear, the only jobs that can ALMOST guarantee that he’ll fly are 15T and 15U, but even then there’s no guarantee. He might get stuck in a maintenance company and not get to fly. Also avoid all backshops jobs (15B,H, etc. look them up cause I can’t remember them off the top of my head), they do not fly unless they’re lucky. Push your son to study and don’t take sh*t from the recruiter. He works for you not the other way around. Finally there’s a waiver for everything, if he says you can’t get the job you want, find another recruiter and ask them bc there’s a solid chance they just don’t want to do the waiver paperwork. That being said often times the current policy is that they won’t accept waivers for certain circumstances, so if you get a “no” from multiple recruiters, ask to see the policy letter prohibiting that specific waiver. If you can’t get into aviation, there’s always good old fashioned 11B baby! Good luck!
  6. It’s an annual MILPER. Last year’s was 19-396 I believe.
  7. (Disclaimer: I’m not a warrant, I’m an O-grade) You’re asking the wrong questions dude. If you have a masters I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting through flight school (excluding some unfortunate event or medical condition). The question you should be asking is “Do I want to live the life of a Warrant Officer?” It’s hard and it’s frustrating. Look into that. You’ll be taking orders from some pock-marked kid fresh out of a bachelors degree, working long hours, probably not flying as much as you’d like, and dealing with big-army bullshit. If that’s worth it to you then by all means join us. To me the flying and the mission are worth it. Not so for everyone.
  8. Theres another really nice little town my uncle lives in called Mexico, NY. I dont remember if it is within reasonable driving distance though...
  9. Theyll probably just stick you as a platoon leader in a 60 company or some BS. Welcome to Army Aviation, sucks to suck nerd. PS: JK, Im not at drum but that same rumor was swirling around rucker when I was there like 2.5 years ago. Last I was at Drum, circa 2012, there were some good places to live off post if you didnt mind driving. Sackets Harbor was nice, and Alexandria Bay. Probably avoid anything within a 25 minute drive though.
  10. Hey man, Im an active duty Aviator. I always encourage people to try. You really never know what they may or may not accept waivers for. Literally every board is different. With that said youre going to have a really hard time with your history of anti-depressants. Also any surgery that is expressly mentioned in a reg is going to be hard to get past but if its been reversed that may be a different story. Finally, I dont know you man and Im not judging, my history isnt perfect either but an arrest history like that leads me to believe you may have some problems with authority or aggression. I encourage you to look deep into yourself because if either of those statements are true than the Army may not be for you. Best of luck brother. -Walk
  11. They should just do what the Marines do with their Osprey's... classify them as flying Class A accidents waiting to happen! Tilt-rotors blow! Why are we investing in this?
  12. I've heard American patriot tactical sells them. One of my crew chiefs has a set from them. Never tried them myself.
  13. I fly 60's. didn't want them bc I'm an officer and there is a huge overpopulation of 60 LT's. All I can say is thank god for unanswered prayers. I love me some Blackhawk. Sure the chinook can carry more pacs but the Blackhawks mission being AASLT or medevac is just a blast. They're fast, can stop on a dime, and have a turning radious like a freaking motorcycle. Can fit into relatively small spaces. Did I mention fast? Awesome machine. Wouldn't have t any other way. PS. If you fly Apaches your just gonna burn circles in the sky overseas. Lift is where the real action is
  14. Unless I'm mistaken, "Correctable" refers to corrective lenses, not surgery. If you get surgery and come out with 20/20 I'm pretty sure you're solid. Be aware though that surgery patients often regress after 10 years or so which if you wanted to stay flight status you may need a second surgery.
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