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  1. Honest question, do you understand how trends work? Two boards of low acceptance don't take away from the high acceptance over the past three years. You're also looking at the math in a weird way. "about 68 slots over two years" doesn't make sense, because 82 and 45 disagree with you. It's better to say that there was an average of 65 accepted applicants over each AD board. However it's not fair to try and put a top end number of 150, considering non-select data isn't available from January 2018. With that said, what exactly is the point you're trying to make? It's certainly not quicker to join the military and drop a packet. It's certainly not easier, considering the extra amount of time, steps, and signatures required. I would argue that any potential benefits to enlisting first are negated by profit earning potential and career progression over the long term. It's just inefficient to enlist when this person has the ability to avoid it and start flying helicopters at the age of 20. I know plenty of Tango's that say they want/plan on dropping a packet. I only know one that has made serious steps with it. They are literally a "dime a dozen."
  2. As someone who attended WOCS at the ripe old age of 18, I'm going to say I probably have experience that directly relates to what you're asking. I'll provide a more informative post when I get to my computer tonight, stay tuned. EDIT: Sometimes I look back fondly on a conversation I had with the E7 who was the chief of the recruiting station I used. This was back between my junior and senior year of high school. He made some comment along the lines of "You know your chances are low, right? We'll go with it, but your chances would be better if you enlisted." Understandably, most people don't understand how the program works, and just assume that because you're young and inexperienced, your packet is weak. That can not be farther from the truth, and it almost makes me angry seeing people recommend enlisting over applying as a civilian. For instance, here's the Active Duty selection rate for my board a few years ago. 26% selection rate for active duty 49 selected out of a total of 187 applicants. What was the selection rate for my group of civilians? 100% 36 selected out of a total of 36 applicants. Why is this? It's because the Army has certain quota's for both. This means they don't compete with each other. What's the end state? You're both WO1's at flight school. The problem with Enlisting is you are flushing your chance of acceptance down the drain. You're now competing with that E6 from a Ranger Battalion who has 11 years in service. Regardless of how much the Army needs pilots, the percentage is still low for someone who's already in service. Here were the stats for my specific packet. Age: 18 GT: 113 SIFT: 55 APFT: 253 Civilian Education: Graduated High School in May. Flight Physical: Complete and stamped (no waiver) Flight Experience: no flight experience LOR's: CW5 CWOB, two retired Army O4's, AF O3 Pilot, Two high school teachers/coaches. I had horrible grades in high school, and it showed, but I was able to leverage that by participating in multiple extracurricular activities, and doing a lot of community service. I knew no one in the military, and decided to cold call the CWOB to my nearest base. The point to this is that there is a way to make your packet stronger if you are generally concerned about it. If you truly want to fly, then drop a packet now. If you want to turn wrenches, then enlist. You're not getting anything greater out of life by doing both. The Instructor Pilot is going to ask you about the hydraulic system regardless of whether you used to be a crew chief or not. With your age, you have something valuable to give that others can not, and that's time. You're able to give the Army and other...organizations so much more time compared to the guy becoming a pilot eight years from retirement. Imagine being a 33 year old CW4, or joining the airlines and making captain pay ten years longer then everyone else. ‚ÄčI could keep rambling, but I'll leave it at this. If you truly want to be an Army Aviator, drop your packet now.
  3. She will not receive pay as an E-5 until she actually starts WOCS, and moves into the barracks on day 0. Any days in between BCT graduation, and the start of her class will result in her being paid as whatever rank she took at BCT. I went to BCT as an E-1, and sat at Rucker for a month and a half as a holdover. I was not paid as an E-5 until I actually started the course.
  4. LUH control touch was and is definitely IP/student dependent.
  5. I'm high school to flight school, now at a line unit. 1. Show that you are active in community service, if you aren't, get involved. Participating in multiple sports and clubs helps considerably in your packet. Doing nothing but getting good grades won't cut it. The leadership experience comes from those two areas. 2. USAREC enlistment program procedures says "Be at least 18 years old at the time of RA Enlistment and not passed 33rd birthday at the time of selection. Age waivers will be considered on a case by case basis." I also did my flight physical while I was seventeen, I really had no issues being younger then 18 when I applied. 3.There's a chance you would have to take it again if you pass the expiration date. PM me if you have any further questions.
  6. Hell, I had a guy who was a CFI in my class, probably had close to three thousand hours in rotary wing and multi-engine fixed wing. He failed his selection APFT. That went well.
  7. The difference is that if you go to the five week course, you must take and complete the classes and tests for the two weeks you will not be at the physical school house for. To attend the five week course, I believe you need WLC or equivalent with a three year or less hiatus from service. (someone correct me if I am wrong.) Just because someone is prior service, or has WLC does not mean they will attend the five week course. One of my roommates in the seven week course was an E7 currently with the guard, for example. Also, there aren't any new classes being put into WOCS from what they already have going on at the moment. They only have so many beds, and so many instructors. The date you got is the date you got. Anyways, good luck and congratulations to everyone who was selected. You'll love it.
  8. WO 2 64D 2 47F 4 C12 10 60M CO 1 64D 2 C12 1 47F 1 60M 1 67J
  9. WO 64- three 47- looks like two. 60- nine LT 64-two 47-two
  10. I've been to several, best countries I've ever visited.
  11. Done! Good luck you to ladies and gentlemen! Looks like a strong set of packets.
  12. Hopefully if I pull some voodoo magic, I'll be in that WOBC class.
  13. a little unrelated, is there anyone I can visit to try and get a WOBC date as early as possible after graduating WOCS, or is it just luck of the draw essentially?
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