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  1. Flying an Apache is useless because you don't have a civilIan equivalent. They can't lift, all they have are guns. You don't see guns on a helicopter outside of the military. Edit: Apologies, I'm a little sh*t and don't know what I am talking about.
  2. Stop making us young kids look bad. everyone that's replying to you knows more about WOFT and Army life in general then you do. You have one big advantage over the other people, and that is time. The 18 year olds are the people that the Army invests in for the long term. from one dumb kid to another, my advice is for you to shut up. Shut your damn mouth and open your ears. WOFT is not easy. You are going to start your Army career with a target on your back. Everything is against you, and it's critical to start off with a good first impression. If you are pissing Army pilots off on an Internet forum, how can you expect to gain their trust in person in that cockpit? Please be a troll.
  3. Do I have to give my "I'm 18, don't act special" speech as well?
  4. Well, May board didn't work out. Looks like July will be my first look. I'll update stats later.
  5. I'm an 18 year old senior that's putting my packet in for the May board. My advice for you is to partake in every sport you can your senior year. Do cross country, swim, tennis, whatever. Also do some community work. your grades are higher then mine, (My weakest link) but I've done four years of debate, forensics, tennis and swimming. I am and was the captain of three of them. Plus I am a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Those LoR's are good, but make sure you spend time with them so they can get to know you personally. Also, test scores are important, but if there is a lack of communication then you are done before you even started. Don't give up!
  6. It definitely maxes at 80. Unless they changed it that recently but there would have been an email sent out about that.
  7. ^ I took the test almost a month ago. It's going to look like this [Picture] A.(choice) B. (choice) C. (Choice) D. (Choice) E. (Choice) You pick one of the choices that matches the one in the picture, the test automatically goes to the second question.
  8. (Turned 18 a week ago.) Thank you, it's just daunting to see other applicants with college degrees and good LoR's applying for the same thing as I am. I don't want to wait four years to become a Warrant Officer, but I will if I need to. I just try and not let other people's stats get to my head. I'm definitely dedicated to this.
  9. Age: 18 GT: 113 SIFT: 55 APFT: Soon (will update) Education: High School Senior LOR: Two US Army Majors, two high school coaches/teachers. Other info: Captain of school's tennis team Co-captain of school's debate, forensics, and swim teams. (State qualified in a multitude of sports) Work with Big Brothers Big Sisters, lot of community events/work. I know my chances, but if I don't apply then I don't have a shot in the first place.
  10. That's a bummer, would there be any aviation units in Europe after that then? I thought that was the only one.
  11. So, is the 12th CAB really getting shutdown, or were those just rumors?
  12. Well, I'm on the shuttle heading to meps. About to take care of this sift.
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