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  1. Yeah man, don't hurt the kid, he's only trying to fake getting into the program, jeez.
  2. I was probably the only one who didn't mind babywipes.
  3. It's not boot. You're not a marine, you aren't a soldier either.
  4. I think all of us have a small piece of Shindig in our hearts.
  5. [Must be a member of verticalreference premiumTM to view this post.]
  6. There are guys here that have been here since September/October. Hopefully I make it to the class in March, I hate sitting around like this.
  7. It was started, it says it's completed with a date, but I've been told it needs to be ajudicated. I'm pretty sure they are just waiting for it to show up.
  8. If it's like Jackson, each BCT battalion picks up a week after the other. That's why there is a graduation every week.
  9. For you future candidates going to basic soon. Use that time to get into peak physical shape. The workout regimen there is not good for gym rats, but it's amazing at turning civilians into soldiers. However, you are not only becoming a soldier, but an officer for the United States Army. You have no excuse to not workout on your own. WOCS will be so much easier for you if you come into the school in great physical shape. Also, don't be the class douche.
  10. Probably one of those poor souls who are holdovers at 120th.
  11. I hope you make it here so you feel the wrath of a CW5 at the college.
  12. f**k, I hope I get into a class before then hahah.
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