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  1. Never made it, but i got in touch with an old cfi thats a tour pilot there. She too suggested i call tower and ask for instructions.
  2. Might be going to vegas to build some time. Anyone ever fly the strip in cue with all the tour providers? I only ise foreflight but will a local chart have some guidance?
  3. Only hear about the gom, but does the california coastline use helos the same way? Im assuming not and even if so, i assume the job market is even tighter.
  4. Im over 40, got a class two medical 14 months ago thinking i might get a flying job. I didnt get the job so im still just a private pilot with a commercial rating. The way i read it, as long i just fly for fun, my class two is valid for two years but if i were to get a commercial job, it would need to be renewed annually. What if i were to get a job now? Is my class two automatically expired? I know what the simple answer is. Im more or less asking to see what the right answer is and to add some activity to the board.
  5. Hows his drivng? I think most pilots will agree that the most dangerous part of flying is the drive to the airport. A good driver may not necessarily mean a natural pilot, but if he sucks at driving, he'll probably suck at flying.
  6. I have my helo ifr rating and im thinking of doing an add on to get my fixed wing ifr rating (already have pple in fixed wing). Ive been doing my 6 approaches in a helo simulator but i heard i could also do them in an airplane simulator and that will count for helo. If thats the case, could i do 6 approaches in an airplane sim and stay current in both category?
  7. Call me dumb, but i still dont get it. I sort of get why it changes with forward and aft cyclic inputs But not right and left. If someone can dum it down for me, id appreciate it.
  8. Having flown mainly in robbies, exceeding torque ratings wasnt really a concern since there was no gauge to directly monitor. However, i recently rode in an astarb3 and the pilot demonstrated how sudden lateral cyclic inputs can cause a spike in torque, with right cyclic causing a larger spike. The flying handbook also mentioned aft cyclic reduces torque and foward increases torque. I understand what torque is, but why are varying cyclic inputs causing such variations?
  9. Thanks for the answers. Totally thought the "auto hover" button was only for the movies, like San Andreas starring The Rock.
  10. Just saw a video of the coast guard doing an off shore hoist which got me thinking, what points do they use for reference? Even when the hoist operator gives foward/backward/ side to side guidance, you still need a refernce point, right? I would think looking at the water would just make you dizzy and any landmarks may be too far to see.
  11. With winter upon us, a special vfr arrival/departure may be needed but is still mysterious to a lot of us. I, for example, have only requested it once departing a towered airport, so its application was sort of a no brainer. Now, what if i was departing an untowered airport that was ifr. If i stay in class g, maintain appropriate cloud clearances, viz, and altitudes, can i depart and arrive on my own or do i still make a request with atc? (I say no request needed) What if its an untowered class E to the surface, type airport? (I say a request is now needed)
  12. Life moved on, but still a warning for those that may consider this deal. http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/18588-time-building-opportunity-100hr-r22-fully-fuelled-w-cfi/ http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/18769-100hr-bird-chasing-in-florida-a-cautionary-tale-for-those-contemplating-signing-up/
  13. Been under the assumption that counter clockwise main rotors have tail rotors on the left side like the r22 and opposite for aircraft like the eurocopter. But i just noticed a cal fire huey that seems to have a counterclockwise main rotor with the tail rotor in the right side. Then i googled images of hueys and found other examples of the same, so it wasnt an illusion. Wouldnt that mean the tail rotor is directing its thrust into the vertical stabilizer? Im no mechanical engineer, but that seems inefficient and contrary to logical design. Anyone have design insight as to why?
  14. Jaybee understands what im asking, but i need a far or aim number to prove it. Im being quizzed by an old timer and while going through an ils approach plate with a circling to land min of 1000ft and the scenario was with a 20knot tailwind, will i be stuck with the circling mins. Even if i know the ceiling is 500 or am i allowed to continue to 200 with a raging tailwind and land? If so, which far/aim says i can?
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