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  1. Does everyone know the Robinson calendar life items under part 91 just applies to the blades? I think buying a R22 that is out of the recommended 12 yr inspection, but still has time/hrs remaining on all parts is not only legal to fly under part 91 but probably safer than a home built!
  2. Southeastern Ohio R22 $250/hr time building and training with CFII in my personal helicopter, dual only, no solo rental insurance! Possible instrument training in the near future if enough student interest is shown. call740216sixzeroninefour
  3. I just finished my ATP training and passed my check ride at Longhorn helicopters in Denton Texas. The owners and staff are great people with great attitudes. The Schweizer 300C helicopters are well maintained with great IFR instruments! The location at Denton municipal airport is excellent with clear blue skies most of the time. Everyone made me feel right at home, I highly recommend them!
  4. I have owned several helicopters and can honestly say the r22 is the cheapest way to go. But one like mine with good times remaining, fly a few hundred hrs then sell without taking too big of loss. Buy the way mine is for sale if anyone is interested.
  5. that is why I kept it brief, did not want to type the many things!
  6. I have flown all, and if the trim motors on the Astro are working and adjusted properly it really trims out nice. If the trim motors are not adjusted properly then you can help relieve the stick pressure with your knee/leg braced against your hand. FYI trim motors are expensive, make sure they are working. The adjustment is cheap and easy to do. An astro out of trim is better than a slower heli with not much power if you know what I mean!
  7. I have trained with Auquila Aviation and had no delays, everything went smooth. The school is located just outside Jacksonville Florida with Gainesville only 30 minutes away. You can train as fast or slow as you want 7 days/week.
  8. jsaero.com in Lancaster,Oh (LHQ) will have a Schweizer 300C Instrument Trainer in a few weeks. R44 Awareness training/SFAR signoff will also be available at Fairfield County Airport.
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