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  1. Gummy it's a Cf-5. Canadian variant of the old F-5 Freedom Fighter.
  2. Some pics from my seismic days. One of the landing sites. Once all the bags have been dropped off, I had to wait for them to lay out the equipment, and shoot. Loading up the heli with my bags. We're finished at this site, and moving to the next. The motel loved having the helicopter parked there every night. In this one, I'm only using a 25' line to load the truck. We were on the prairies, and they let me play with the short line. cheers
  3. A couple of British AH64's dropped into YYC (Calgary) the other day.
  4. We landed beside a river in Northern Manitoba, and waited for our next call out. Waiting wasn't so bad, caught a few Walleye, and one northern pike. :thumb: Dropping off a fire crew, while fighting a fire near Caramat, Ontario. The 500D I was flying, waiting on a hillside pad.
  5. A few more. My first ever paying job. Supporting tree planters. The AME and I went fishing, since we were given the afternoon off. After a smoke patrol, the fire crew wanted to cool off. Who was I to say no. Just unloaded this R-44, getting it ready to move some bags on a seismic job. Cheers
  6. Great shots Ned !! :thumb: :bowdown: I hope you won't mind if I join in. Two AME's performing a 100 hour inspection on a float equipped 206. Fire crews doing some hover-exit training. A 205 lifting off at first light, to go move some equipment. Cheers
  7. Only if you plan on buying a new one from the factory. You might have a bit of a wait. No training is ever wasted. :thumb: Besides, you got to fly one of the most fun helicopters. rotorheadsmiley Cheers :cheers:
  8. It's a great little a/c !!! Have over 2K hrs in 'em, and loved most of them. They can do some incredible stuff, go into some tight holes, land at ridiculous angles, and lift a decent load too. It'll make you look good when long-lining too. Cheers
  9. One of the few companies who have a number of 350D's and the money is CHL/Viking. Although Heli-Inter/Mustang/Venture/etc might have the wherewithall to do it to. Eagle has the people do do something like that as well. Cheers
  10. Ned, no I don't. The only 2 that I know of are; the "Super D", and the BA+. As I mentioned, one of them allows about 300 lbs over the max gross of the BA , but there's no FAA approval on it. The other uses the BA's MGW. I got a good briefing on both this summer when I was in Pickle Lk Ont, but I've forgotten quite a bit of it. :down: Need a memory upgrade, but no one makes 'em for my kind of brain anymore. Wish I could be a little more helpful. Cheers
  11. Old news 214B. The Lycoming has turned into a very good engine. Talked to an operator this past summer who converted to a "Super D", and he loves it. Lower OC's, and fuel burn than a BA, and it lifts the same. You also don't have to deal with a certain European engine company. :: :unclesam: Only downside is you need to clean the tailboom a little more often. There are 2 conversions that I know of. One is joint FAA, TC (U.S. & Canadian approved), and the other is only approved in Canada. The Cdn one allows for a higher gross weight (~300 lbs) than the joint one. Cheers
  12. I had a quick look, and you're right. The best price I could find was 1.1M. Prices have gone up since I last looked. Heck for that price you can get a 212 !!! Just so's you know MD is owned offshore, it ain't American anymore. It was bought by a European company several years age, when Boeing wanted to get rid of it. PHI is having a bad go of it these days, but I wonder if it isn't an environmental problem. ie: humidity, and salt. The operators I've talked to here in Canada love the things, and aren't having the same problems. I would imagine that the DOC's would be similar to the 530. All manufacturers will tel you that their a/c is the cheapest to operate out there. I did see a company in the Pac N.W. selling some Lama's. Now ther's a real performer at altitude !! The B3 Astar is just barely able to keep up. As for converting, well if you can get the airframe cheap enough it would probably be cost effective. From rebuilds that I've had anything to do with, the cost usually ended being the same, or more than buying a good aircraft. If you want the goods on the 407, I recommend talking with 407Driver. He's had one at his base for a few years now, and can give you better info on costs, etc. Cheers and have a merry Christmas !!!!
  13. Yes it is possible to convert a D or E to a 530, but it won't be cheap. In the long run it would probably make more sense to pick up a BA, B2 Astar, or 407, rather than convert a 500 to the 530. It would probably prove to cost you less as well. A used 407, or Astar will cost you approx $800K USD, a used 500 D $350K ($400K+ for an E model), conversion will probably run you at least $300- 400 K. (anyone out there with the correct costs please feel free to correct me) To convert, you'd have to change the engine, (~$300K if new, and no exchange credit) the rotors (~$30K each), not sure if the head, driveshafts, mounts, accessories, or tail rotor need to be changed, but you will need the longer tailboom, t/r driveshaft, t/r gearbox spacer, if it's a D model you'll need the E/FF nose. The 407 and Astar perform much better at altitude, and can actually carry passengers (5-6 of 'em) in reasonable comfort. The latter cannot be said for any 500. :: They also have better endurance, range, and lifting capabilities. Don't get me wrong, the 500 series is a great pilot's aircraft, but for utility there are better alternatives. It occupies a niche market, and does some things very well, but then so do some of the newer aircraft. The 500 is a great longline platform, but from what I've heard (talk to 407Driver on this) the 407 is an equally stable LL platform. It also has more power, it's faster, and can carry more people. A very capable, and versatile ship. Recently there have been concerns with MD's customer service, and the availability of parts. Something that you don't usually have to worry about with Bell. Cheers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :crutches: This is Bill, he was forced to ride in the back seat of a 500 for 2 hours. If you wish to talk to him, you'll need to speak up, as he's hard of hearing now too. :down:
  14. None of the cabin, but I do have a pic of one of the ugliest paint jobs on one !! :cool: Not recommended for younger viewers. This was it before the paint job. This was after. Cheers
  15. Well the first time that I was able to control the durn thing in the hover. We'd be in a huge field, and do you think I could hover the thing ?? Well my instructor gets this idea, "if he can't hover in a huge field let's try something smaller". So we go to this frozen lake (ice was 12"+ thick) and he takes control. He takes us into this corner, trees on 3 sides of us. Then he gives me control. For some reason I needed a "confined" area to figure out how to hover. Next big moment was the first solo. Then the CPL-H ride. Getting the 500 endorsement. Also getting on the mediums. There are many more, but I'll quit boring you guys now. :: Cheers
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