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  1. Hi, thank you for your reply. At present the German Navy is flying Sea Lynx Mk88a, Sea King Mk61 and some EC135. What i am looking for are some "hard meteorological facts" because arguing with airmen is easier for both sides. At this point, i know, that i have to distinguish between planes and helos, but there is still a lot room for discussion. Thomas
  2. Hi everybody! I am Thomas, i work as a forecaster for the navy in Germany. This is my first post in this group. I've looked around in the FAQ's and poked around in google but can't find my question covered there. The question is: How is turbulence caused by heavy storm or hurricane force winds in the lowest layers, say below 2000ft gnd, affecting helicopters? Are there any rules of thumb forecasting severe turbulence for helicopters in strong wind situations? For fixed wing a/c there is a rule of thumb which is: If the vector difference between surface wind and wind at 2000ft gnd exceeds 20
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