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  1. Just a note. The throttle on the dual fadec versions of the B3 has two positions. Flight and idle. It snaps into position to flight after you start rolling from idle. If you roll it on with a gentle pressure it will move itself in to the flight position, via a spring force, at some point after you start rolling it. So it's in a detent and also being held there by the spring system. You cannot control the speed that the engine spools up by rotating it slowly or quickly. There is no manual control of the engine with the throttle if the fadecs fail. It's essentially a microswitch and the sa
  2. Hi everyone, hope you are doing well during the apocalypse. I'm looking for a hardcopy 407 manual and was hoping someone has one that they don't need anymore. It's ok if it's not current. I'll pay shipping plus some extra for your time. Thanks John
  3. By the way, I've only flown the 2B1 model and I haven't done any slinging in the B3 so I'm not the expert you are looking for. I looked at the RFM for both of them and they OGE and IGE charts look the same. Hopefully someone else chimes in.
  4. What do people mean by B3+? Where did this term this come from? I'm guessing the 2B1 model? I think of them as the 2B, the 2B1, and the B3e. The max external weights are the same for all of the B3 models (6173 lbs). The B3e has a more powerful engine that will mostly make a difference in a high, hot, heavy scenario. The 2B1 and the B3e both have a fadec and the anti-Torque pedals are linked to it. So if you are pulling in a lot of power and have the right pedal in far enough it will increase rotor rpm NR up to 405 (normal NR is around 394).
  5. Juneau has Temsco, Coastal, NorthStar Trekking, and Era. Skagway is Temsco only. Era has some tours in Denali. That's it for the big ones at least, some smaller operators and utility companies do tours as well. There are also non-turbine tours in Valdez and Girdwood, among others.
  6. You have the left pedal pushed in for hovering power conditions. Once you roll off the throttle the tail rotor is still spinning with the same amount of pitch. To match the power off condition you need to push in right pedal and remove all of that pitch in the blades. You'll notice that if you are slow on getting that pedal in it doesn't work very well and you have yawed a good amount. You might try pushing a lot of pedal to try and get the nose back to the position it was at but it's mushy. This is due to the reduced rotor rpm and reduced effectiveness of the tail rotor as Chris mentioned.
  7. Some fly out of Santa Maria to the rigs. I thought RLC pulled out of that base a few years ago but I don't know the current operators.
  8. Your skids are way behind you and the mast is as well. When doing pedal turns don't turn around yourself because your turn will be like you are turning around the nose and sticking your tail out or into things. You will need to feel like you are on the circle the nose of the aircraft is making. If anything turn around the tail not the nose. It kind of feels like you are in putting forward cyclic as you rotate. She's a lot longer than you are used to. Controls are very very light and precise and it's easy to put too much input in. In a hover it will start to do stuff on its own and wiggle ran
  9. If you look at it from any logical angle the answer is always no. Stay away. Close your web browser. Clear your history. Unplug your router. Stay away from airports or anything else that could inspire you. This is a terrible industry to be starting out in even if the oil price wasn't a factor. It's going to take more then 2 to 3 years to make decent money unless you are very lucky or have a majestic personality. Your skill as a pilot helps but means little. You are going to need to know people that trust and respect you enough to put their name out there and can get you a job. That's how
  10. Thanks for the help. I went with the seasucker suction cup since it seems like overkill for the job, which I like. Last thing I need is an iPad flopping around under my pedals.
  11. At Temsco you will get somewhere around 300 hours in a season flying tours.
  12. I'm looking to get an RAM iPad mount suitable for the Astar with it's slightly curvy windscreen. I like the security of the double suction but I'm too poor to buy the "articulating" model. Does anyone have experience with using the non-articulating double suction mount on a mildly curved surface. Am I being paranoid? Anyone have the suction cup fail? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks to those that answered on topic. Interesting stuff them 60's. To the rest....
  14. This topic came up and I figured this would be a great place to ask the guys that fly this machine. How high can a Blackhawk fly? I have found the record landing of around 17000 ft in Alaska and the service ceiling of 19000 ft. I think it must have been used higher in combat ops since Afganistan is higher than AK. Plus it has a 13000 lb payload. That's a lot of available power. Thanks
  15. It's illegal to use a helicopter for hunting.
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