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  1. Right there with ya pal. The place I was working at shut down their school and I have been stuck at around 300 hours ever since. I am going on 10 months now with no work, and I have done just about everything imaginable to find work. I did scrounge up enough to pay for a flight and I thought I would have forgotten everything, but it was like riding a bike. My autos were just as good as when I was flying every day. So I wouldn't worry about that too much. As far as getting frustrated goes, I hear ya. Don't give up.
  2. Do many Helicopter schools use accelerated training programs or offer them? I only know of one and thats Baker Aircraft in OR. Most schools I have talked to the average 12 to 18 months or more to go from knowing nothing to CFII. Is accelerated training becoming more popular? Is there anyone out there who has done an accelerated program and went from nothing to CFII in less than six months? Anyone know of any schools other than Baker Aircraft that offer an accelerated training program in a 300c for $245/ph? Thoughts? Comments? Here is a link too..... http://www.bakercityairport.com/emailin
  3. WARNING! Derek, I was told the same thing! The financial counselor at my school told me that it had worked like that in the past and it should work for me! RIGHT? So check this out! I applied with one cosigner and was approved for 20k. tried with another (you can have two cosigners on one loan) and, with my father in law I was approved for 30k! So I thought, well, I will just combine them and get 50k! WRONG! with two cosigners Sallie Mae will allow a MAXIMUM loan of only 40k! WHY? Who freaking knows. So anyways, I took the 40k because some one from Sallie Mae told my financial counselor that
  4. TERI huh.... I have never heard of them til now. I went to their website and it seemed to me like your helicopter school had to be accredited. What school did you go to and how much did you request? if you don't mind I would really like to know. PM me.
  5. I have to agree with norcal here. I will use myself as a classic example. I am married, and was working a full time job when I started. I started in January of 07. I got my private license in JUNE! That is six months!!!!! Just to get my Private license! I was trying as hard as I could. Luckily I have a sugar momma and a savings account. I had 35 hours when I got my PPL in June. I quit my job at the end of May. From May to this very day I have finished my Instrument, Commercial, CFI and am a week away from my CFII and am at 160+ hours. SADLY from this last year I have seen a LOT of pilots give
  6. Thank you VEGA_HELICOPTERS! this is what I am talking about! This person has "PERFECT" credit and all the ol hag would cough up is 20 grand!?!?!?!?!? Sounds eerily familiar to myself. Vega, where are you trying to go to school and is Sallie Mae your only option? I am guessing it is. AGAIN, I am sitting here wondering how in the hell are helicopter schools staying in business if people like VEGA_HELICOPTERS have perfect credit and are unable to get the amount of money needed to get through training? If a school can't get students how are they keeping their heads above water? Anyone know? Ide
  7. wow........... I don't know how to make it any clearer. Did anyone actually read the post? I know what kind of loan it is! I got one. One year ago. I had, and do have EXCELLENT CREDIT! I know its not a "STUDENT LOAN" I will try and spell it out a little more here. I am sorry if I come off as a sarcastic Jerk, but I just read 6 replies to my post and they had nothing to do with what I was inquiring about. Its a little frustrating. I realize this is a message board and not a place where GOD will unlock all the mysteries of the universe if I just simply post a message, but come on guys, I didn
  8. Alright, I am writing this post in hopes that SOME ONE out there will reply and tell me that they have squeezed ANY money out the old hag in the wake of the SSH mess? I have been hearing a lot of noise about Sallie Mae not financing Helicopter training anymore, and I am just trying to find out if anyone knows ANY news on the subject, or if there is anyone out there that HAS received financing from Sallie Mae in the last 3 months??????? I would LOVE to hear about it! I know Sallie Mae is getting their butts kicked right now, http://www.reuters.com/article/businessNew...361975120080123 but I ha
  9. This is going to sound corny or cliche but I don't really care because I have to say it. Do what makes ya happy and chase your dream. DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. In my opinion, one of the the most important things in life is waking up everyday and being happy with what you are doing. If you wake up in the morning and the first thing that pops into your head is "MAN I don't want to go to work today! Its going to SUCK!" then you need to find something else. Could you make more money flying a bus in the sky? Hell yes. Will it be exciting and give you tons of stories to tell the grandchildren when you
  10. AOPA and Pilot Finance? no, never had LOAN experience with them. In my neck of the woods its sallie mae or save your money like sparker. A Friend just told me about this website called prosper.com. I thought he was out of his flippin mind when he told me about it, but I looked into it a little bit, and if you were really in need of some money for school and that was your last option I'd say it was worth lookin into. My friend got $20,000 to pay of loans and credit cards or whatever, but it worked for him. and he has TERRIBLE credit. check it out. can't hurt. I feel ya man! I really do! I
  11. Well LFGuard10, taking that 10 grand is not a great idea. When I got 40K the first time, I was worried about not being able to get the rest. The financial advisor at my school told me to take it and instead of paying the regular $10 a month pay $100 a month to "Be in good standing" and show them that I was willing to pay more than what is required and they "WILL" give me the rest of the money I needed to get through school. She told me that because that is what people at Sallie Mae told her and it had worked for other students before me. Sounded good right? I paid $100 a month instead of $10 a
  12. I have have never flown one, but I know a good guy to ask. Ray Poss, the Cheif flight instructor at my flight school actually owned the helicopters they used in M*A*S*H and flew them in the show. I will ask him if he still has one and what he thought, or you could just call Aviation Specialties Unlimited in Boise Idaho and ask him. Funny guy, he has some great stories. actually he has a website with contact info http://www.rposs.com/
  13. I have my fingers crossed for ya! Like I said before, you never know what sallie mae is looking for and what they will aprove ya for. please do post what the results are. I will add it to my book!
  14. I am training at ASU (Aviation Specialties Unlimited) in Boise Idaho. www.asu-nvg.com/ I am flying the Shweizer 300c and I am loving every minute of it! I am working on my instrument right now and it is a blast! I am about to start my cross country instrument flights, which reminds me, I need to be studying right now.
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