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  1. Just wanted to thank everybody who helped me out over the last few months. It finally paid off. I got an offer from RLC and start training next month. It took a while, but patience and persistence finally paid off.
  2. Bristow expects to lose 85% of their deep water work. There is still a LOT of work in shallow water. Remember, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 4000 platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. They all need service at some point. There will always be work down there for helicopters.
  3. There might not be anything wrong with your headset. In some R22s (esp early ones) there is a wiring issue that sometimes causes problems with Bose Headsets. I had a similar problem when I started using my Bose and I finally had to get another headset until I switched aircraft. I haven't had a problem since. My recommendation is, try to find another aircraft to plug into and try. If it still doesn't work, call Bose tech support and ask for help. They are usually pretty good about customer service.
  4. Did they let Brandon go? He was really helpful when I had some problems with our 206. I hope he is doing well.
  5. I saw it on the internet, it must be easy to do!
  6. What if they are trying that fancy, "No Flare" auto that somebody posted not too long ago. Seriously though. Most of the students that I have soloed have all been right around 20hrs. BUT! I also have a former student, who now has about 140hrs now and still hasn't soloed. He is older and didn't have the mental or physical accuity to satisfy me (or his current instructor) that he would be able to "walk away from the crash". For me it really comes down to that, if I am not sure you will be able to survive an engine failure, or other emergency, I owe it to you, your family, and mine, to ensure you are supervised until you can.
  7. That's what I'd do. Although I don't have much cause to wear wings anymore, I worked really hard to earn these and barring the FAA giving us standard Civilian Wings I think they'll do just fine.
  8. Sevier County Choppers has an R44 that they are charging 275 p/hr in now.
  9. Great pics as usual Dp. I really like the 407, the A109, and even the Astar, but there is something about the 500 that just makes me drool. Guess its because that was my first love. TC's Island Hoppers MD500D. Anybody else have the same reaction?
  10. If you have to ask that question it probably means that you haven't flown enough to be able to set your own personal minimums. Ask your instructor whether he is comfortable flying. If he doesn't mind, tell him you'd like to go up and see what he means. You probably don't want to be training close to the ground when the wind is gusting like that. Try to schedule your flights early in the morning. Usually the wind isn't as strong.
  11. No kidding, I talked to a CP at an operator in the gulf today. They want 2500hrs to start! The days of getting a job at 1000hrs are pretty much gone. Count on needing at least 1500hrs and try to fly as many different aircraft as you can.
  12. You really should take a look at Colorado HeliOps. They were featured in Veritcal Magazine (Dec/Jan 2010, p.32) and it sounds like they have a great program with experienced instructors. One of the owners is a frequent poster here and I'm sure he'll chime in. Financing is the tough part these days, so if , you can get that worked out then you should be golden. Good Luck, and let us know how it goes.
  13. Duh, guess I should have gone to their website first. They are already developing one. It'll look like this and should be a mandatory purchase for anyone who is spending the money on an Ipad.
  14. I have an otterbox for my iphone. It protects against everything but water immersion. Hopefully they'll make one for the Ipad and the durability issue will be solved. It is expensive but makes my phone bombproof.
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