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  1. The first physical being MEPS or the first flight physical?
  2. I am also applying as a Civ street to seater. Are we required to to get at least one LOR from a Warrant Officer/ Officer? My old roommate is a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy, would this count? My thought was getting 3 LOR's from, let's say, past supervisors would hold more weight then a random WO that you never actually worked with or knew personally. IMO someone who you worked directly for would be able to vouch for your leadership and officer potential more than a high ranking military official that you cold called but was willing to help...
  3. Thanks all for the replies. I have done some research and apparently they have something called Vision Therapy which claims to help improve Depth Perception. I am going to look into it more. I will post if it helps or not.
  4. I did my physical at MEPS today and took the depth perception test with it. It was the test with the 5 black circles and you have to pick out which circle stands out... I was shocked at how difficult this was as my vision has always been good. Somehow I was able to pass it but if I were to take this test again, I would maybe pass 1 in every 3 tries. Is there a depth perception test for the Army Flight Physical? Is it the same as MEPS with the circles?
  5. I'm not getting any younger so the time to pursue this is now. Background on me:Age: 28Job: Buyer for an Aerospace company in San DiegoDegree: Supply Chain Mgmt - 3.2 GPAHometown: DetroitMilitary Experience: NoneFlight Hours: 3 hrs FWASVAB: 115 GT, taken 2 years ago so I will have to take againSIFT: Not taken yet, studying nowAFOQT: Pilot: 59, Nav: 36, AA: 32, Verbal: 61, Quant: 18PCSM: 28 (I am also pursuing Air Force OTS in Parallel) A few questions for those who are Warrant Officer Pilots: First - would any of you be willing to have quick phone call with me? I just have a few questions about life as Pilot in the Army and Military Life (listed below). My questions: Do you have any say in picking the base you are assigned to? Is it possible to transfer bases? In general - do you like the location of your base? On your first and second assignments after WOFT - what does your typical day consist of? Starting time and ending times, daily duties, how many flight hours per week etc? For those who had civilian careers before entering the WOFT track, do you miss your life as a civilian? Are you happy with your decision? Was it a hard adjustment to military lifestyle? Are you going to get out as soon as your contract us up or sign again? For current and future deployments - what do the living conditions consist of? Are you sleeping on the floor or is it more like what you see in the documentary "inside combat rescue" where Air Force PJ's stay at Kandahar airbase? During flight school and in your platoon - do you hangout with other pilots outside of work? During weekends - can me and my fellow Aviators who are single drive down to Panama City and pick up chicks together or is this not the culture and I should run from the Army now. God Bless the USA. - thank you all for your service.
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