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  1. OleMiss this is an exact copy of a post I did prior to my submission of my packet and going in front of the 10APR2007 Review Board...I got accepted and this is what worked for me verbatim. hopefully it helps. However, my acceptance was pending my completion of my degree from Florida State...now that I've got the degree, everything's go and I'll be shipping off to Benning in 72 hours. Good luck! The work is well worth it! "First, make sure your recruiter is either adept to or in a position of knowing how to construct a Warrant Officer packet. I've seen how much work my recruiter has put in on
  2. Hey VR, just wondering if anyone in the forum's in Ft.Benning's Basic Class 011 (Report date 04FEB2008) or WOCS Class 014 (Report date 17APR2008). If so, message me or re-post here so we can chat! Thanks! -GROeffecUND
  3. Nope, I was selected at my first board. I decided to go this route my senior year at Florida State because it was too late for AROTC at that point. A lot of things were dependant on my graduation with my BS degree but graduation was this 15th and everything's in the green. Why do you ask? GROeffecUND
  4. Members of VR... I would be absolutely remiss if I didn't take the time to thank everyone on this forum, member and visitor, who has helped me with my Warrant Officer Flight Training application process. All of the information, suggestions, directions, and comments toward applying, preparing, studying, and testing have all paid off. As of 22JUN2007 I am an official contracted Warrant Officer Candidate and I had no choice but to offer by deepest gratitude and appreciation for everyone who has helped. Again, a million and one thanks to everyone here! Keep it up VR! -GROeffectUND
  5. Well guys I'll be submitting my packet for the 10April Board next week and I'll give you all the info I've come across thus far, in chronological order, and hopefully that'll help you out a bit... First, make sure your recruiter is either adept to or in a position of knowing how to construct a Warrant Officer packet. I've seen how much work my recruiter has put in on and off the clock to make sure everything goes smoothly with my processing and diminishing the margin of error. As far as information, go to http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/ and look at the criterion and use that informati
  6. Just wondering from the actives what the roundabout PFT scores are for pilots and what people usually get, especially on the 2-mile run. Thanks a bunch!
  7. I've looked over the complex movements section in one of the prep guides when I was at the bookstore (takin' my free peek) and I figured that'd be the toughest section because it's the most uncommon and unconventional. Should I just make flash cards for the ones out of the test prep until I memorize all of them or are there different ones on the AFAST, just similar to the test preps?
  8. Thanks man I really appreciate it. I'm from an aviation family, I work at a flight training center at an FBO, and I've been reading that ASA for about a solid 2 months studying. I'm prayin and hopin and prayin some more! Thanks for the advice!
  9. Power settling and settling with power is the same thing, I believe. Settling with power causes the vortex ring effect and creates an unstable condition on the rotor blades and drastically decreases lift, right?
  10. Hey folks I've been searching the forums and I haven't been able to find any advice about what AFAST guides there are and what guides are good/not so good to use to prep for the AFAST. I'm up for the 23FEB2007 MEPS and 2MAR2007 AFAST exam and was wondering if there's any info I can glean from the ones who know. My GT's a 132 and I'm aiming for a 150+ on the AFAST. Right now I have the ASA "Rotary Wing Flight" book (read twice so far), ARCO Military Flight Aptitude Test Prep Book (on a UPS truck right now), and the 2007 FAR/AIM (just to get familiar with terminology. If anyone can help, I'd be
  11. Okay guys so here's the deal... First, I'm planning on WOFTing, I'm a year out, just got my ASVAB done, about to schedule my AFAST, MEPS visit, and Flight Physical this afternoon, working on the LORs, and getting my packet squared away with my recruiter. I'm a second semester Junior at THE Florida State University and upon graduation, it's off to BCT for me. Secondly, just letting y'all know I'm new to the forum so any and all expertise and info I can grab from y'all, please throw it at me as fast as I can get it. NOW the message of the hour... If there are any VR members at Ft. Rucker, my
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