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  1. Everything was out of pocket, but they were quite quick on paying me back for the DITY move, I think 2-3 weeks. If you decide to dity, call Rucker travel office and find out what documents you need to bring them, meps will give you no guidance.
  2. If you come straight from the Meps they will give you pcs orders authorizing travel via POV. I just did the same from California and you'll be able to drive on with your orders and ID (drivers license is fine). No more stickers like you were used to. I would recommend it so you can still do things you realize you need to during the 10 day early period.
  3. I may be reading it wrong Eagle5 but it seems you're implying veterans and active duty don't pay taxes?
  4. Integrity is a huge trait for the military and aviation in particular. Whether it's crew day, speaking up because you have sinus issues or your head isn't right that day or a long laundry list of other scenarios. Personal integrity is at the root of everything as a military officer and aviator. I will leave it at that.
  5. Not to sound rude, but who cares about everyone else. Submit waiver with strong packet and hope for the best. Don't worry or stress over what you can't control.
  6. Just an honest question, what is so alluring about the 47 besides all the power? I have flown in tandem rotors before and currently crew Hueys. the tandems are smooth but just seem boring for lack of better terms. I mean absolutely no disrespect and quite frankly I believe it must be something I am ignorant to because it seems too often people ask about them....hmm...
  7. The V22 was a horrible choice. The lack of armament, too much fly by wire not by pilot, it can hold more than 9 troops lol and it is fast until it comes to landing and taking off. I have flown in one once and please never again. I work with them providing cas from the huey and I have seen them work with the ship. All are just as bad as you expect. Transformers are cool but beyond our technological capabilities to make them combat efficient for now. Let Micheal Bay keep em for now.
  8. Got a 90, just stuck to studying the objectives for mod 2 and not entire handout.
  9. Won2be, don't be afraid to call the Chaplain. All they do is help people, I'm sure he could give you the duty phone for a local unit then just call and ask for a point of contact to email.
  10. Finished completely, I took 48 min on mod 1 and 32 min on mod 2
  11. Won2be, use google to find to nearest Army or National guard unit, usually the units official site has points of contact. Send them a professional email explaining your situation (not like the post you started here, professional is key word) and request assistance contacting someone local. Chances are high that they will point you in right direction or send your email to a local CWO. I did this in SoCal and a CW4 happened to be coming to my base for his flu shot and we met several times since. Still in contact with him. My experience with Warrants so far: If you are professional, diligent and have integrity they will assist in anyway they can, truly a great group of leaders.
  12. Sorry to hear that man, good thing you have plenty of time
  13. I did it on Sunday, got it on Monday first thing. As soon as you get access you have to download and digitally sign a form. I don't have CAC access at home so I had to go in to work bc I took leave to complete this.
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