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  1. Well I figure which ever 5&9's I memorize my class will be sure to get the other airframe. Murphy and I go way back!
  2. So, my s1 said she didn't know how to do it, and that she was sure they would sort it out eventually at Rucker. This was after I took my company commander (O-4 type) down to attempt to rectify this, with no success. Not that this is any help to you, just letting you know you're not alone with this issue.
  3. Uh oh... Lol my orders say it starts the 18th of August? So not sure where you got 8 Sep???
  4. Absolutely! In fact... as soon as I know the dates, everyone from here should come to our carwash!
  5. Who's all going to be there with me?
  6. Agreed. I don't post much, or hardly ever on here, but I have been reading her posts since before I joined the army. They have been an incredible resource for me and I'm sure a lot of other people with similar pursuits. Glad you didn't get stuck with a FW! Congrats!
  7. Thank you Yamer, that seems like a good way to approach this.
  8. See that makes more sense to me... I feel like for what ever reason if I got injured in WOCS and didnt commission, I would lose a lot of opportunities as indef. I just can't find any documentation to support this.
  9. I am active duty enlisted and was picked up in the Jan. board with a school date in Oct. My BDE is saying that I am going to have to re-enlist indef. immediately. Has this been the case for anyone else that has been picked up? Unfortunately, I do not have the greatest confidence in the low density members of my unit, but I am finding it extremely difficult to find this in any AR.
  10. Middle of Oct. to the beginning of Dec. I think I got a late school date because USAREC thinks Im still deployed.
  11. So anyone out there joining me there?
  12. Q-S Can't wait to meet all of the rest from here.
  13. Congrats!!!! I guess this means all our names are sitting on a list now at least..................... With some sort of abbreviation after it.... I NEED AN A.C.E. CARD ASAP!!!
  14. Huh, I was kind of hoping it would be a giant surprise.... I pictured going to clear from my station to ETS and someone dramatically running in to keep me from giving away my TA-50.
  15. Hmmm, so I am the only one that is hoping to just wait in excruciating unbearable silence for as long as possible?
  16. I think the civilian applicants from this forum definitely have a leg up when it comes to selection... AD applicants... lol I feel like it's almost a crapshoot! Who knows what areas they are going to be looking at. It seems like it changes with each board what area carries the most weight.
  17. The army might not have enough money for gas by then... let alone training slots~!
  18. That is exactly what I thought at the last board... and then they picked up no one lol!
  19. I think I feel like that every other time someone new posts their stats on here!
  20. Sorry! I couldn't resist. I am deployed and bored. Here are the real stats. Age: 28 GT/AFQT: 138 SIFT: 66 APFT: 286 Civilian Education: AS Flight Physical: Complete and stamped Flight Experience: About 200 hrs SEL LOR's: CW5, O-5 (BC), O-4 (CC) Waiver: None Military Experience: E-4 3 years TIS Other: 2 Deployments with current organization, neither of them combat deployments.
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