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  1. I will be leaving the military soon and Leading Edge Aviation in Bend, OR is one of the places that really caught my attention. I have already spoken the GI Bill liaison at the school and the aviation program manager at Central Oregon Aviation. I am also still work on speaking with Upper Limit Aviation and Southern Utah University in Cedar City, UT on information. Other than what they cover under the GI Bill, the local areas also attracted me. I love the outdoors and both places are in some nice spots. Good luck on you decision.
  2. Good evening everyone! I am set to retire on May 1st from the US Army after 17+ years and will be looking to use my Post 9/11 GI Bills benefits. I am currently 35 and had a chance at an early retirement (full retirement benefits, only smaller percentage) and jumped on it. I have decided to try my hand at an aviation career and flying helicopters has always intrigued me. I am currently stationed in Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA and would be willing to move to ensure that I am attending a quality school. I would prefer it is tied to a degree program with a local university or college that covers from the PPL up through CFI-I. From the research I have done I've come up with a couple of schools that I would attend. 1. Leading Edge Aviation (Bend, OR) 2. Upper Limits Aviation (Cedar City, UT) 3. Other good schools in great areas??? *The local areas are also an big reason for these schools as I enjoy outdoor activities (Mountain biking, kayaking, backpacking, snowboarding, etc...). Additional Info: I am a divorce father that pays a lot of child support, so I'm trying to get an estimate on what costs I may be incurring prior to and during school. I know things will be slim money wise hence using GI Bill, FAFSA (if possible), and finding a part-time job to put food on the table (even if it's the ramen or PBJ diet). Potential expenditures??? I'm definitely jumping out of my comfort zone changing careers, but I don't want to work a job that I hate for the rest of my life. I don't mind a bit of desk work, but I need to get out and explore and flying helicopters can help feed my desire. (Money has never been a huge driving factor in my life, I don't need a lot to be happy) I'm open to any and all advice, recommendations, critics (good or bad), because I'm new and have a lot to learn. Thanks in advance, John
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