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  1. I had my board scheduled for tomorrow but they canceled. I was given the same response about March. Good luck to all everyone within the next couple months.
  2. We all know that physical fitness is a MUST when it comes to being in the military. First, it allows us to perform our jobs better and because it's just plain good for the soul. Also, as a leader, I believe we need to show to whoever might be looking up to us that staying physically fit is a top priority. If you are looking for a new workout program or just something to change up your routine, I've added some files that you could use. I know that these programs are tough, and some of you might already be acquainted with them, but you can always pick and choose which workouts you want or not. I ask for anyone else to post up other programs that you might know of to share the knowledge for all to benefit from. Disclaimer: These are not mine and I do not receive any sort of compensation for these programs. These were files found and distributed publicly online. Long live good health! APFT Program V3.pdf Horseman Workout.pdf MA Work Capacity.pdf SFAS PREP 14 WEEK.PDF SFAS STRENGTH 14 WEEK.pdf
  3. That gives me hope that they'll have me do one within the next month. I really hope so. He had the audacity to tell me, after working with him for a year and this packet for nearly 2 years, to think about it and think if it's something that I want to continue pursuing. Like... NO ******* CRAP MAN. I didn't do this much work for nothing. and yes, I'm applying for Active
  4. So I was told yesterday that my board was cancelled due to a number of reasons. One being that applicants who were selected in August have to wait to ship out even later than usual. Which supposedly required the National Board for the 28th of November to be cancelled and the next one won't be until MARCH 2017. The other being that I was the only one scheduled for a board so they decided it wasn't worth their time since it was just one person. Does anyone have any insight to validate this? My recruiter said it is probably affecting everyone nation wide so I want to know if he's telling me the truth or if he's just trying to cover up his inability to submit my papers on time?
  5. I guess I'm planning on doing a partial because I want to get my household items moved by the Government but I want to drive our car there. Unless driving your car is a given when you do a Government move. Is / was there, historically speaking, a long wait period between BCT and the start of WOCS? From what I've read before, there wasn't. So they would usually just move their families out after WOCS. So basically my spouse and I will have to plan the move and schedule everything while I'm at WOCS. Or, we can't do that until I graduate? Which means we would have to have adequate time after graduation to set up everything and physically move, hopefully? I don't know when we should start preparing everything or when we are even allowed to start preparing everything.
  6. I was wondering if anyone who has recently gone to BCT and has moved their family to Rucker. I would like to know if anyone has a timeline to how it would all workout, generally. Who do I call prior to moving? What sort of information should my spouse have to get stuff done while I'm away at BCT? This is all new and I believe I have only a couple months before I ship so I just want to get as much prepared as I can.
  7. Congrats on your successful board! Mine is tomorrow. I hope it goes just as well. False alarm, postponed until Nov. 9th
  8. It is a shame for someone who is whole-heartedly committed to the Army and to better themselves be deferred for such petty reasons. Nonetheless, good luck on the process. I wish stuff like this didn't hinder peoples decision to serve.
  9. So you wouldn't have exactly 10 days between BCT and WOCS? Most people opt to move their family after WOCS? Is that because they will have more time to actually move? Also, I plan on moving into Enterprise. Is there always a decent amount of vacancy year round?
  10. No need to stress him out over something that he might not do. If he knows he can't apply for a TS w/ poly then that's, that. Other than that. Ride on.
  11. I went to MEPs recently and both of the retired corpsmans specifically said that they DO NOT care about your past marijuana usage. If you had it ONCE or a couple times in the past and it was years ago. Don't even bother putting it down. Also, do not feel down about it. I'm an advocate for it. The world is changing and I can assure you that you'd be surprised at how many people have done it. Just don't do it anymore. Leave it alone, don't worry.
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