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  1. Has anyone been stationed in Germany recently. Trying to get a genreal idea of what to expect and differences from stateside.
  2. All the same. Somewhere near 121 with 83 a/c. Delayed due to weather during goggles.
  3. All aviators are able to sign for a ruck from HHC. No memo needed.
  4. Haha, that's the one thing keeping me sane. But yes being away from everything is nice. I'll go crazy after 14 days though. Already have study material just to keep myself busy enough.
  5. Just me and you wolf, I'm here in Rucker twiddling my thumbs on leave. Never taken over 30 days leave before.
  6. ADSO for warrant is 6 years. All that should be required is enough time remaining to pcs to wocc. Once commissioned you would be held to the ADSO. You should be able to do a 3/4 year re-up as most enlisted assignments are now 4 years. I just cleared my brigade and my ets is 2018.
  7. How many years do you have in, and how many times have your re-enlisted?
  8. Can someone rank the housing areas onpost for family's And how often they come available if we were to wait for a better one? Thanks in advance!
  9. Anyone know who actually generates the RFO? I'm trying to take about 60 days pcs leave enroute so I can get off of drill early. Can't take leave without the orders.
  10. Yeah I think i'll go for it latest I would graduate is 03 April and class up 3 June.
  11. Question, I have an opportunity to go to airborne. Would I have a chance as a WO? The only thing I worry about is freak injuries that could derail my career before it starts. What does everyone think?
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