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  1. We've all been there. Flying along and you hear her on the radio (or him depending on you're preference). And you just think wow she must be sexy. Sometimes it's ATC sometimes it's another pilot and you console yourself by saying in person she's probably an ogre. Well I was recently home for thanksgiving and out at a bar I met a beautiful woman from the UK who was here to get her FAA licenses but was already flying commercially back home (fixed wing but I forgave her). The next morning as I gave her a ride home it occurred to me to ask her what flight school she was at, because the previous month I had been joyriding in a Cessna and had heard a sexy English accent... Sure enough she was the only one at the school. I had finally done it. I met the voice.
  2. And I thought he was calling me a liar...
  3. Fair point Spike. I did end up leaving one because of terrible MX. Ironically though that was the one where a much more experienced pilot shut the fuel off on me. As a low time pilot though its not a matter of being attracted to them, its a matter of options. Of course we should all refuse to fly for the shadier operators, but reality doesn't allow us to be that picky when 5000+ hour pilots are flying in the ditch because oil crashed. Didn't you once say you flew for the tuna boats? How was the MX out there?
  4. Astro, that's part of the reason I don't post normally. It seems like the thoughts of people without significant experience aren't valued here. 1500 ish here just fyi Adam32 and Helonorth, not trying to start anything but Avbug had something constructive to say and you guys are going to poke at him? Sure he can be obnoxious sometimes but he hasn't been here. This is why meaningful discussions aren't being had. Unless thats your goal, in which case good work trolls. Eric, would you mind having some engine failures please? I'm tired of carrying your statistical weight in that department. (that's a joke)
  5. Well I'm trying to stay as anonymous as possible so I'm sorry for the vagueness. The first one was instructing in a robbie the other two were in turbines. I just started this job and that engine failure occurred about a week into it.
  6. Three different companies and three different aircraft. Two were problems internal to the engine that couldn't be seen on preflight. The other was a flame out caused by a new hire I was training in our mission who allegedly had 7000 hours more than me and 3000 in type.... I call bull sh!t on that.
  7. So I've been paid to fly helicopters for two years now and recently had my third engine failure. All three times I managed to put the helicopter down with no damage. The first two times left me a little rattled but I was back up in the air in short order no worse for the wear. This last time however it didn't really phase me at all. I'd been through it twice before and each time had a positive outcome. This time was different though in that I had a junior pilot with me along for the ride and it left him extremely shaken up. To the point he was fighting back tears later that evening and was seriously considering getting out of this business all together. And that made me take a step back and wonder if my response to it was inappropriate? Have I developed a dangerous attitude that to me this has just become a part of flying? And now as I think about it I'm left wondering how many times can I get away with this before there is an unhappy ending? I believe I am flying safely. The reason why it's turned out well each time is I pay close attention to what my machine is telling me and I make sure to have a forced landing area at all times. The first one gave no warning but this most recent gave me a few subtle hints so I was doing a flat pitch approach when the engine actually gave out. I hope those reading can take something away from that. I don't have any specific questions and I apologize for my rambling post (I'm not much of a writer). But after reading the feeling lonely post I'm just hoping this can generate some positive conversation about some of the dangers we face.
  8. Thank you all. I appreciate the input. I had thought about the Gulf of Mexico but if I go there I'll probably end staying because of the quality of the job. I know temsco will train people for utility if they stay for a few seasons and work their butts off, but I've heard of smaller operators doing essentially the same thing in Alaska. I'd be happy to work for temsco but I like to go into everything with a plan A,B,Cl and D. I also probably could have been clearer that I realize that turbine, utility, and mediums are all separate steps. Again thank you though and any other ideas are welcomed.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm a flight instructor who should be hitting my thousand hours around summer time so I'm looking towards next hiring season. Ultimately I would like to get into utility in medium aircraft and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to get there? I was thinking about going to Washington and applying to the two companies that use the old Sikorskys to get medium time next summer and then do another year of instruction. Would thirty or so hours in a Korean or Vietnam era helicopter help me get selected to make the transitions to Hueys and such with a utility operator? Also does anyone know of any companies in Alaska that will take someone from flight instruction with 1200-1500 hours for tours and transition them to utility other than Temsco? If you work for such a company and feel like talking about it I'd love a pm! Thanks in advance!
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