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  1. I referenced this website immensely during my journey to becoming an Army Aviator, I now i'm back looking for any guidance and a glimmer of hope. I'm at K16 in Korea, and to say i'm not enjoying my time here and my career so far is a huge understatement. I really hate to negatively speak about the Army, but it's just the honest reality of my situation. All my friends that selected fixed wing are enjoying their careers and are happy they went that route. My question to any experienced guys is; is there any way possible to transition to fixed wing after your first assignment? I ask this with full knowledge that the fixed wing boards no longer exist. I guess i'm just looking for a glimmer of hope to get out of Army rotary wing aviation. P.S. I would also be willing to try out for the group, but I don't know if they would be willing to let you transition to their fixed wing side. Would anyone know if that's possible or have a contact that would be able to answer that question? Thanks in advance for any advice, even though I know the majority of responses will be telling me to suck it up lol.
  2. One very important note is that you MUST fly UH72s in flight school in order to even have a shot at a fixed wing slot. If you fly TH67s, fixed wing will not be an option during selection. Do whatever is necessary to join a 72 class. I'm flying 60s in Korea and I would give a kidney to transfer to fixed wing (even though its impossible right now).
  3. If you are send to K16 then you will NOT live off base unless you bring your family. Your family will have to live in Zone 3 (meaning near Camp Humphreys, and you will have at least an hour commute to work every day. If you are sent to either the GSAB or Med at Humphreys, then yes you can live off post.
  4. I should have added that I received a welcome letter from my sponsor and the 2-2. It specifically said welcome to the K16 family. Still waiting to hear back but I think that's where i'm being assigned to.
  5. Sorry if I seem to hijack your thread but I just got orders to K16 Seoul Air Base for 2-2 Assault. Does anyone have any experiences here? Also, is there any chance at all I could live off base unaccompanied???
  6. Does anyone know the how many weeks the advanced airframe courses are now? I've heard the 64D course was down to 16 weeks and the 60M was down to 14 weeks. Is this true?
  7. Would anyone happen to have numbers from the selection today?
  8. Would you mind elaborating on why you hated the C12 so much?
  9. Good luck everyone. I know this was one of the longest most stressful weeks of my life during the September board. Please remember to occasionally eat and poop.
  10. I was always curious why the active duty Army never tried having applicants apply for specific aircraft. It seems to work out for the Guard.
  11. Who is this assignment lady you speak of? I think a bribe may be in order.
  12. Well now its +12 because we (the Air Force) just sent over most of our MC12s (12 in total so far) to the Army. I'll fly anything but I would love a fixed wing slot in hopes of being able to fly the C27J one day. That is a bad ass airplane. http://www.janes.com/article/45588/usaf-outlines-divestiture-plans-for-mc-12w-liberty-aircraft
  13. Age: 31 GT: 119 SIFT: 50 (Feels like I completely bombed it) AFPT: 292 Civilian Education: B.S. Homeland Security GPA-3.7, A.A.S. Avionics Technology GPA N/A (Community College of the Air Force), A.A.S. Military Technology Leadership GPA: 3.7 Military Education: Airman Leadership School, Electronic Principles School, Intermediate Avionic Systems Course Certifications: FAA FAR61 PPL Ground Course, FCC Ground Radio Operators License Flight Exp: 11 hours fixed wing (Cessna 172) LOR: Maj. Squadron Commander (F15 Maintenance), Col. Group Commander (F15 Maintenance), Lt Col F15E Pilot (Director of Ops), Lt Col HH-60 Pilot (56th Rescue Squadron Commander) CW5 (G3/G4 Stand Pilot) Military Exp: SSgt USAF F15 Intermediate Avionics Technician, 4.5 years TIS, 9 months TIG Waivers: None Selected September 2015
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