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  1. Bring it on! If a finger up the a$$ gets me into a helicopter, I'd pay for the privilege. Now, I'm an RN and have stuck my finger up my fair share of a$$ holes so, maybe I have a different perspective on this kind of stuff...always good to know both sides. I just hope the docs take off their college class rings first...
  2. If we get to fifty we all have to go in for prostate exams. cancer risk increases with old age...
  3. Weeeell, of course that goes without saying. there's boredom in every area. And I'm sure flying jets is a great time. Personally, though I used to have a thing for the A10 (raised in civ air patrol and had alot of exposure to the jets, grew up on shepherd afb and had many a tour through the cockpits of f16s trust me, I'd have given my left nut to get a fighter slot) my first flight in an R22 made me a believer. Helicopters are amazing machines.
  4. Dude....just....no. No. becoming a "fighter pilot" (ie high, fast, LOOOOONG and boring). come on. how many dogfights does ANYONE do these days? and against who? Nobody with a real military fights us in the air. most of the fixed wing segment is UAV or CAP. We have air superiority hands down ALL day, every day. Fighters have become nothing more than America's version of the iron dome. I'm not knocking their mission. I'm saying that rotor pilots have a HELL of alot more fun (I've never done it but, I can't imagine otherwise plus I've heard from a couple of AF flyers that that is the case). Th
  5. Hello there. Thanks for the good words. My packet might be complicated by my prior service. Its all in personnel records hands now. If only I had a dd214.... DARN YOU ROTC AND YOUR CRAZY WEIRDNESS!! In all honesty, you (and I) as civilians are probably in a better position (relatively of course). Since you aren't committed to the military yet, have no complicating military records, you don't need permission from anyone, don't have to get releases from anyone, you aren't competing with any military members, etc, its a bit of a benefit to start with the civilian WOFT program from what I gath
  6. So true. alot of this is out of our little soft civilian hands. Gotta hand it to whoever setup this program. they certainly didn't make it simple to apply.
  7. Congratulations fellas. Hope things continue to go well.
  8. Hey if you live next door you could trade running shoes. I hear he has some really good ones...
  9. Reading this, I couldn't help but say, I can't WAIT to get MY ass kicked by Drill Sgts et al. I get the feeling that, should I get in, it will be the best "bad" experience ever! Sigh.....
  10. USMC, I found that the first section and "shapes" section are weighted less than the knowledge based stuff. I had a terrible first section and ended up with a 75. Like everyone is saying, 62 should be enough to not count against you. 50 and above makes you eligible anyway....I wouldn't worry. I bet its a pass/fail kind of thing anyway... For anyone looking for advices, I'd suggest not thinking through the first section (you might as well just start clicking randomly....just kidding but seriously, you blink and the timer says 00:00) and a systematic method to analyze the hidden figures is use
  11. Product of the culture, political climate, and media/social media. Social conditioning through constant whining. We are currently passed the event horizon and getting crushed as we approach G = infinity + 1.
  12. holey crappoly! At 00:30, was that snot coming out of the right nostril? that was fun. snotty nosed kids these days...
  13. I think I get you. PC culture has becoming a blight on society. People just aren't allowed to say anything organic anymore; it always must pass through the "be-nice-act-nice" filter. Its as if the world has gone from "You don't like it? Get a spine" to "You don't like it? I'm so sorry you are offended and I must do something to myself to make myself more appealing to your little easily offended child mind." Eventually everything finds a weak, easily offended, pathetic normal. Its like that standard fake smile everyone wears in the business world. They couldn't give one rat's backside (see wh
  14. As I'm reading this, i'm thinking "what exactly are the minimums?" I just realized I've never even looked at what the minimum scores are. Funny...
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