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  1. Age: 24 GT: 133 Sift: 75 APFT: 252 Education​: 2.5 years towards BS in mechanical engineering Military experience: 4 years US Navy Reserve with one activation for 1.5 years to Germany. Grade E5 Flight hours: 0 Bn board: 73/75 LOR: USAF O5 F16 pilot (flew for the Thunderbirds, worked with him while over seas) USAF CMSgt E9 (direct supervisor while in Germany), USA O5 retired Apache Pilot Other information: I was selected on the July 2016 civilian WOFT board and will be leaving for Ft Sill late September
  2. Congratulations to everyone selected! I hope to be meeting most of you at Fort Rucker or maybe even basic for those of us that have to go through. I do have access to the list if anyone wants to check send me a message.
  3. The civilian list is out I just got the call from my receuiter. FQ-S
  4. Well I hope that isn't true. If they only look at people with 300s they are going to miss out on a lot of good applicants that might have just gotten a bad test day. I was running 1300 min 2 miles in Germany but I moved back to Colorado and I am killing myself to run 1400 at altitude. I can see them looking at pt to see dedication but I would hope most of the board would look at the whole packet. If I were you I would still wait for the actual list to come out before enlisting.
  5. 20 weeks is the cut off, so by the regs yes you will be able to move your family. That being said you will be in training, long hours studying and your first duty station will most likely not be your training station so your family will have to move and then turn around and move again in less than 6 months. All things to consider. I have the navy reg on it but I am having a hard time finding the army one. However I trust it is the same because several other army forums seem to confirm that. Best of luck Steve0 EDIT: AR614-200 4-5 is the Army regulation
  6. Yeah anxious mostly due to my unit taking their sweet time with my new conditional release. they have had it for close to 2 months and no news despite calling 2 or 3 times a week. If anybody knows the patron saint of paperwork please let me know! But I agree this board sounds like it is going to have some really good applicants on it! Best of luck to everyone and I hope to see you all at Rucker!
  7. So lets take a look at some facts. 1. I have looked back through your posts and cant find where you have posted your stats anywhere. 2. despite the fact that you claim to be an applicant you are giving advice like you are a seasoned aviator. Most of which you have no clue on. 3. you are calling applicants and active officers derogatory names like faggot and pussy. 4. in past posts you have claimed that most people with high sift scores on here are lying despite not giving any evidence to contradict the claims other than your own imagination. And going back to number 1 you haven't shared your scores. 5. you have posted that you don't want to help other applicants because they would be competition. 6. you are telling veterans that in the northeast they use AH64 Apache helicopters that seat 2 people to transport officers around when a Blackhawk has a lower CPFH and can fit more people. This to me just points to the fact you have no clue what you are talking about or our military is highly inefficient in ways I have never seen. I'm sure there are more things that you have done but in my mind that is more than enough to stamp you a troll trying to stir up trouble. I hope that if you are not a troll that you just don't know how to represent yourself on the internet or that I am misreading your posts. But if you are not a troll and you truly believe what you are saying then I wouldn't want you as a private in the army much less an Aviation Warrant Officer. With all due respect check your attitude and eat some humble pie.
  8. so I was told that the obligation after flight school was 5 years and I had to look up the regs per AR 611-110 the obligation is 5 years but AR 350-100 says 6 years for any officer in IERW. Can anyone who has recently graduated expand on this? I hate it when regs contradict each other! not that 1 year is that much in the grand scheme of things
  9. Well I was feeling confident! dang these stats sound awesome. Good luck to everyone
  10. Age: 24 GT: 133 Sift: 75 APFT: 252 hoping to resubmit before my package geos up TIS: 4 yrs, E5 USNR Intelligence Specialist, Activated for 1.5 years in Germany Civilian Education: 2.5 yrs ~70 credit hours towards a bs in mechanical engineering LOR: USAF O5 f16 pilot (flew for the Thunderbirds) USAF E9 I worked with in Germany, O5 USA 64 pilot Physical: sent to Rucker for approval, No waivers Battalion Board: 73/75 was the only one of 3 applicants to actually get recommended out of my board Will be competing on the Civilian board Best of luck Murray
  11. Hey I resemble that comment! I wish I had just made it up but that is what the Denver recruiting battalion has been putting out since March. Quite literally I got out of my battalion board and the SFC says congrats but you have to wait till July. Just makes more work for me my conditional release expires in June so I have to get a new one to make the board. The information I was given was that the last couple of civilian boards over selected so there are no billets to give out. all this is second hand information of course. Best of luck Dgonz
  12. So I got back from my pre battalion board today and I was told that the May USAREC WOFT board was cancelled. Is anybody else getting this information or am I being misled by my recruiter. any information would be helpful!
  13. That's who I got as well. but that name is not on the selection list.
  14. for anyone interested this is his original picture. My results show a high school kid out of Michigan.
  15. It was suggested to me by my recruiter. Just like any service Army officers are taught to respect senior NCO's especially E9's. If you have an E9 or a senior E8 that can write a really good personal LOR I would suggest it, but that's coming from an applicant not a selectee. I hope the board has the same respect for them that I do.
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