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  1. Needed a larger bag. This thread is just so entertaining.
  2. Always wondered how using the SR-GI Bill would affect the post 9/11 if you become eligible later on. I guess one doesn't affect the benefits of the other, so you answered it BM1. I'm looking at the Guard only, but seems the 9/11 bennies are the same across all components. Based on what I'm reading with the post 9/11: 1. For flight training at "Bob's Flight School", you could get $40-48K (I've read anywhere from $10-12K/yr) in total to be used for actual flight costs regardless of cert/rating being pursued? So this could cover the majority of costs from private pilot through CFI. 2. F
  3. Haha, I was thinking the same thing. Also, I think Trade and A-aron are the same since they always seem to be in sync.
  4. shindig, shut the f*ck up. She's accomplished more in one day than what you'll ever accomplish.
  5. I just learned something. If you can overcome the stress of cooking a can of spaghetti, you'll have no problem flying a helicopter.
  6. Doesn't matter. Screw ups have become the norm with you.
  7. The commute would be the same either way. I'd actually prefer 15T, but there are no vacancies right now and I was told they haven't had any in the last 8 months. They do have a few 15U though.
  8. can I be selected for an Army Guard WOFT slot while still being in the Air Force Reserve? Then, once selected, can I make the transfer to Army Guard? I had a similar question above related to the Air Guard. But not sure if being the AF Reserve would change things.
  9. I'm wanting to enlist in 15U (Chinook repairer) in the ARNG, but the only option I have is 15T (Blackhawk repairer) right now. If I wanted to cross-train to 15T down the road, how soon could I do that after enlisting? Also, when someone becomes a 15U, do they eventually get to become flight crew? Do 15U's have door gunners?
  10. yeah, like a 5'7, 140 lb Shindig is going to do this to a grown man.
  11. How much preference would a Guard/Reserve guy get when seeking employment for a gov't job in the civilian world? Is it a substantial preference? It seems if trying to find a private sector job, it may work against you despite laws being in place? I've heard many private sector employers don't want to deal with potential deployments.
  12. Nice quote Shin-dog. You're a mailman, a brave soldier, and now a philosopher.
  13. When you're at BCT and AIT, does the Army cover for food, insurance, and things like that? Also, for AIT, I'm assuming you're not allowed to have your vehicle with you?
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