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  1. Hi all, My name is Lawrence. I am with a company called VersaTOL (versatol.com) that manufacturers small unmanned helicopter systems. I am performing a market study with the goal of identifying high-value use cases for our product line. By high value I mean use cases where a small unmanned helicopter can perform an important role traditionally performed by a manned helicopter at a fraction of the cost, perform a job that needs to be done but manned helicopters cant perform and/or where the potential to save lives of pilot and crew is high. Some product documentation can be found here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0-pg4QPCI-rekx4amdldDlIZUU&usp=sharing Would anyone be interested in taking a look and participating in a discussion of this nature?
  2. hi VersaTOL Unmanned Helicopter Products.pdf
  3. Hi all,VersaTOL Unmanned Helicopter Products.pdf
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