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  1. I guess that's how soldiers will feel once they realize Shindig will be piloting their UH-60. Comfy and reassured. I mean, he's detail oriented, mature, and has his $h*t together. LOL.
  2. Shindig is like the pimple on your forehead that you can't resist squeezing.
  3. Do they now allow cell phone use at any point in BCT? If so, when and how often?
  4. I know, lots of variables. But is it closer to 50% of your Army time is flying? 10%? Just trying to get a ball park figure.
  5. After flight school, about what % of your Army workday is spent flying in the air (if you could figure an avg. percentage)?
  6. And then it's after you graduate flight school that the 6-year commitment clock starts?
  7. Once selected and sign your WOFT contract at MEPs, what are approximate timeframes from: 1. The time you sign your contract at MEPs to shipping out to basic? I'm sure this varies, but how soon can you typically ship out? 2. The time you ship to basic to the time you graduate from flight school? I know there's probably time gaps between WOCs and flight school, etc, but just looking for a rough estimate.
  8. I hear what you're saying. It's a tremendous sacrifice being moved around and away from family. But it seems so many want to go active instead of reserve? Wouldn't the reserve offer the ability to serve in a career field of choice while still being close to family most of the time? Or does the weekend a month still take a toll, especially when you're constantly flipping the switch between civilian job and weekend duty? I'm not trying to sound ignorant or naive, but asking as a question.
  9. I see your point. There's fear, and then there's regret. And often the regret is far worse.
  10. My family has been mixed about it. My mom said go for it, but my dad (who is more liberal than my mom) has had some skepticism. My fiance on the other hand-- she kept pushing me to join the Air Force Reserve since she felt the Army side was more dangerous. Any truth to that?
  11. Does the same level of apprehension come from the reserves/guard as it does AD? I mean if your wife or family knew that you were part time instead of full time would they still feel the same nerves?
  12. I've heard some pretty tough stories about family resisting people from joining the military. Just wanted to know how your family reacted when you broke the news that you were joining, or considering joining? Were they apprehensive at first? Supportive from the beginning?
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