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  1. Rotorrob- What are their requirements for a solo checkout in the 300C and R44?
  2. Do most FBO's and helicopter flight training businesses also rent helicopters for solo flight? I'm in the Seattle area, so I'm looking specifically at local companies such as Classic Helicopter, NW Helicopters or Glacier Helicopters. Spencer
  3. Spike and AngeFire- Thanks for the help. My plan is actually to attend a college with an aviation program and either double major in aviation and a business field. However, I believe it will result to where I can play football, and then that will dictate where I will continue training, either a local FBO or within the university. I have a few more years until I graduate, so lots can happen.
  4. Gary-mike, I wish. NFL players are some of the greatest athletes in the world, and I'm slightly above average in my school. So, I think I will train in the 22 and then move to the 44 once I outgrow the weight limits. Most schools around here are just above sea level so high DA should not be a major issue.
  5. Spike- My parents know I have loved everything that flies since preschool so they have grown accoustomed to flying. They were thrilled with me attending FW flight training, but still a little worried about RW. After going on their first helicopter ride last week they seemed much more into the idea. They strongly encourage the idea of student first, and all other priorities such as athletics and flying are second. That means they do not entertain the idea of a flying degree from UND/SUU/USU, so I would likely major in something other than flying.
  6. A-aron are you a college student? You mentioned semester... If so, where are you flying?
  7. It only applies for the R22 and 44 but only 5 hours from the 22 to 300? Also, what is the transition from the 22 to 44 like?
  8. Thanks for the tip. They look to be around the same per hour cost so I might end up with the 22. Definitely one school with another possible operator in my area with a 300. Any idea why the 50 hours is required?
  9. RagMan- What'd you do at the helicopter company? Are there any common age requirements?
  10. Since the R22 is out of the question, would there be a benefit of a few hours in an R44? Cash flow is not limitless, as I will start out with about $2,000 but acquire more cash once I receive my Eagle Scout, which will cover roughly 3/4 of the process. I am looking for a summer job after this year, which should give me enough. So, would it be wise to spend some of that on R44 time?
  11. Snohomish was the original plan in the Schweizer 300. Seems somewhat reputable, haven't heard much about them but maintenance seems to be above par for FW aircraft, not sure about RW.
  12. Also, I plan to make a career out of it. I hope to attend UND, or SUU for college/flight training depending on where I can play football. Will my size limit this?
  13. Carpenter- Where did you train? Classic Heli?
  14. Goldy- Thanks for the advice. I'm a football player so it helps to be big, so I believe I will be somewhere around 250 by the end of high school. Anyways, how does it feel for you to sit in the R22? Do you fit with any extra room?
  15. Hey All, I am a current high school freshman, looking to begin flight training this summer. In the Seattle Area, I have a few schools available, all but one flying the Robinson R22. However, I am currently 6'2, about 210 pounds, and will likely reach 6'5, 260 pounds by the end of high school. With the R22's strict weight and balance requirements, this leaves me hesitant to begin in the R22. One school operates the Schweizer 300 series, which I heard is more accommodating for people my size. Is this the case? Will I be able to fit into an R22 with an average sized instructor? Also, I heard the R22 is a better initial trainer as it includes a governor, would this make it a better choice? Sorry for the packed post, Spencer
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