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  1. So... I'm going about this sort of the opposite way and that's purely from a "play the system" game with the airlines. At the airlines, seniority is everything. I want to serve, and I want to fly helicopters. Ideally in the next 5 to 6 years I will be accepted at my *retirement* airline after a few years at a regional or some special 121 like Amentum. If Fedex/Delta/Southwest etc interviews me and offers a class date I'm going to be looking at rushing various guard and reserve units so I can guarantee myself a helicopter slot in a specific area. It'll take 2+ years to go through the training pipeline and you're not missing much money your 1st year at any airline, much less holding a stable line, and they have to keep your seniority number active.
  2. FW commercial pilot. It’s been a few years since I’ve had the FARs hammered into me and googling hasn’t been successful. I’m in a part 91 flight department flying fixed wing. Boss has a Bell 212, and on my off days I’ve been able to fly it. Other RW pilot has his CFI, and boss is okay with me learning how to fly helicopters while he is onboard. I’d eventually like to get my commercial rotor wing add on - am I able to legally log this time as dual received and counts towards my checkride experience requirements? Part of me has the whole commercial pilot standards of having to pay for flight time and that free flight time is considered compensation.
  3. With the Army switching the fitness test up recently and it going into effect this month, new applicants are being graded on the new army combat fitness test correct? I've gotten the itch to apply again, especially now that it seems like I could have my packet done with in like 2 or 3 weeks due to no waiting around for the board interview. I'd like to finish college first and would graduate next December, and I'm seeing a lead time of July for BCT so I'd want to apply in March I guess?
  4. Did worldwide. Easy classes that don't teach you anything. Currently enrolled at the Daytona Beach campus and the only value here is taking the time to network and gain connections. I'm sure the degree holds some weight, but as a current student again they let everyone into the program who can pay tuition and it reflects in the work ethic of my classmates.
  5. You are correct, but Bush signed an EO 13223 that stated they wouldnt do this. Trump reversed that.
  6. Looks like a... rock solid... packet so far. Do you have any volunteer time or any extracurriculars?
  7. So, thoughts on President Bone Spurs EO? I mean, I guess its something in the contract we knew was there - but nobody expects it to be used. Seems like just another way to solve a problem with the wrong methods and end up making more problems down the road.
  8. Would you guys go through this again knowing what you now know? My parents were both made a career out of the Army - my mother went from enlisted to commissioned and my dad ended up becoming a maitence Warrant Officer. Its honestly the one reason I didnt join straight out of highschool and no longer think about making a career out of the military because Ive seen that this probably isnt for me long term but I figured Id give a couple years a shot. My opportunity cost for joining the military would be flying rich people in part 91/135 ops, which is why Im leaning towards flying for the army reserves.
  9. This sort of gives me a little less to worry about, Ive decided to just knock out my bachelors degree and Ive been following along for months and seen the super high selection rates and was a bit worried I wouldnt fair the same fate two years from now (even though Id have a bachelors degree and a CPL-FW vs a highschool degree and a PPL).
  10. Reportedly no deaths... but this is Russia and this is an international f**k up. I could see someone surviving because those were training missiles.
  11. Can you get put straight into the reserves? I thought you could only originally go Active or Guard, and then after some time hit the reserves.
  12. If he keeps his grades high, and can get those recommendations over the next year, excercises and prepares for a WOFT packet in general (There is a lot of good advice here in these forums) - he can go straight for his dreams. Plenty of people have done it before him. If he wants to continue to fly as an aviator - he is going to want to pursue higher education while he is in. Warrant Officer promotions look for education and getting a bachelors and a masters is almost necessary to get promoted to senior warrant officers. Worst case is he puts his packet in and he isn't selected. He has no commitment to the military and can go the route with the reserves and try that way or just apply again once he finishes college with a bachelors degree (And he can have other opportunities available with other branches to fly commissioned).
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