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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm new to this forum, but I am here because I want to be a Helicopter Pilot! Now that I've given the same entrance everyone else has probably given, I offer you this... I'm already a licensed airplane pilot with commercial / instrument ratings, and about 400 hours total time. I originally intended, (15 years ago) to one day fly for the airlines. Now, the idea of making $18,000 per year as a F.O. for a regional carrier, and living in a crash pad just doesn't seem all that desirable. I have a background in public safety, and would love to merge those skill sets with my love for aviation. This, in conjunction with the fact that runways are boring, leaves me with a longing for Helicopters.... I appreciate everyone and anyone that reads this, and offers their guidance. However, before college programs, and the military routes are offered, please let me add a few more facts about my situation.... I'm 34 years old, I have a Bachelors Degree, and I work as a Police Officer. (I only offer my occupation to the extent of possible financing options for government employees). I feel that the Military isn't really an option because of my age, and the fact that I'm halfway to my pension with the Police Department. I'd prefer NOT to give all of this up by attending a 141 school out of state. I've found a school, the only school in my area, (Part 61) and have secured financing. The only problem is that it is, in essence, a personal loan, that I will have to begin paying immediately. I find myself in a position of spending about $85,000.00 to get all of my ratings, without the flight time to be marketable for a job. With this being the only apparent option. My monthly loan payment is going to be through the roof. Don't get me wrong, I like bologna and Ramen Noodles, but I'm here because I'm wanting to know if anyone has any financing ideas that can allow me to not live in complete poverty, and lose my pension. Are there any student loans available for part 61 training, that have the option to defer payment until a job is obtained? I understand that an aviation career is that requires considerable sacrifices, and I'm willing to make them. I simply want to know if there is a car available that will take me 26 miles, before I feel forced to run a marathon. Any thoughts, or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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