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  1. Nowhere in your essay do you state why YOU should be a WO or what you have done to demonstrate that you have the requisite aptitudes. The entire essay is fluff. Stay away from patriot quotes and nostalgia. Nobody cares what used to fascinate you as a kid. What have you done to show that you deserve a shot?
  2. Yeah I wouldn't even be looking at airframe, much less assignment.
  3. What do you fly? We're basically just a GSAB and an ARB spread out over several posts. This place is insanely busy.
  4. Basically a single family home, good neighborhood and schools, close enough to Hunter not to be a pain, not too far from the beach. I don't mind a commute, but any more than 45 minutes is a bit much. It's looking more and more like Richmond Hill is really the place to go.
  5. Any suggestions where to live? Bluffton SC looks awesome, and it's only 28 miles away, but a lot of people are telling me the commute would be a nightmare. I'd rather live there than Richmond hills due to proximity to Hilton Head but not if the commute is awful.
  6. I like it man. Obviously your life experience is limited, but you did well to state your experience without overdoing it. If I read another "ever since I was a boy I dreamed of flying" essay, I'm gunna puke.
  7. You witnessed 9/11 and were so inspired that you got your hands tattooed and joined the Army 20 years later?
  8. Got Distinguished Honor Grad. HRC rewarded me with orders to the last duty station I'd ever want.
  9. So having been a crew chief in a different community makes him an SME? Both yours and his statements convey a lack of big picture understanding. There are assholes in every community to be sure. But if you read through 3-04.1 and find a particular aviation function appealing, don't let anyone convince you that the community negates the appeal of the mission.
  10. Yup, our community sucks, our aircraft sucks, our crew coordination sucks. You nailed it, buddy. So grateful you used your tremendous accumulation of 70 whole hours since arriving your unit to point that out, broseph. CHOOSE THE MISSION.
  11. Exploring the potential of going RTP in a few years, but curious as to whether or not coming back to active service is a possibility after leaving in the case that things don't work out. I'm sure the official HRC policy changes from year to year but has anyone heard of WO aviators returning to active duty after a break in service?
  12. Nope, "she" is now screwing with people's lives elsewhere at HRC. Given her stellar approach to customer service, I'm guessing she had something to do with the CW3/4/5 promo debacle of 2017 hahaha They gave the FS XXI gig to a greensuiter who did an equally crappy job of it. (#1 in my class, currently stationed on the other side of the world from anything on my top 3.) In retrospect though, I'm actually pretty happy with my current duty station.
  13. Earlier this week, I attended a briefing hosted by the Combined Arms Center Command Chief Warrant Officer. While CW5 Kunz displayed geniune interest in the problems we've been experiencing at the tactical level, A certain Command Chief Warrant soon began to interject, interrupt, and downplay the message that senior CW3's and CW4's were trying to communicate not only about the erroneous bonus but the cohort and branch at large. In essence, this is the problem. The cohort has suffered through a series of senior leaders who have failed to advocate and address the very valid issues that Army Aviation Warrant Officers are experiencing. When Command Chief Warrant Officers fail to not only detect but also address problems, when they repeatedly fail to advocate for those who do the heavy lifting, they fail in their duties as senior advisors and relegate themselves to obscurity and irrelevance. At the end of the day, what aviators are asking for isn't more money, but more sense in how we do business, the end result of which would be greater lethality and agility. To summarize in a not so eloquent way: we want to do our jobs and cut the superfluous bullshit. Needless to say, I was quite happy to see the following: On Behalf of the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence Commanding General and Chief Warrant Officer of the Branch, I invite you to participate in the FY18 Aviation Bonus Survey. Aviation Branch needs your help to ensure the policies that impact our formations adequately address the challenges experienced by you, the Warrant Officer Aviator. The survey is not just about the bonus, there are questions about the OPTEMPO, Army Aviation career plan/options, and post-Army career plans...This survey is focused solely on Army Warrant Officer Aviators. Your professional, coherent, and deliberative responses will be aggregated and used in future personnel planning and recommendations at the Branch and Department of the Army levels. Thanks in advance for your participation. https://www.armyaviationqualityassurance.com/se/400D16CD24DABEC1?%FY18AVNBonusSurvey%
  14. We'll see how it plays out I suppose. I was butthurt about the 11 years AFS stipulation, but to be perfectly honest, I wasn't even considering getting out, and 15k a year extra wouldn't have convinced me to stay if I had been. I think if big Army does decide to give a sh*t, they should put their ears to the ground and realize that money isn't the issue, quality of life is. For instance: forcing guys to waste nine months of their lives "deployed" to Europe without their families and zero COLA payments (despite the substantial dollar vs. euro difference), mandating PCS every 3-4 years, HRC telling most guys to go f themselves when it comes to desired duty station, the continued trend of forcing WO's to focus on tasks well outside the scope of their duties, etc. I can't even imagine how many retirement packets some of these boneheaded MO's continue to generate.
  15. 10 years active, with the last year spent in one of the busiest Attack Reconnaissance Battalions in the Army. No way I would ever regret staying active, despite the G1/HRC SNAFUs. Very curious to see what the bottom of the barrel PI's are gunna look like in a couple years now that they pickin up errbody round here, though.
  16. Here's a good take on it. https://theaviatoragent.wordpress.com/2017/09/29/is-the-army-aviation-bonus-is-right-for-you/
  18. There is literally nothing in your letter that addresses why you wish to be an Army Aviator. Much too heavy on sentimental rhetoric and not nearly enough concrete fact with regards to who you are, what you have done, and why you deserve to be a WARRANT Officer.
  19. I get bored. WOCS exists solely as one of the last forms of authorized hazing in the Army. You'll have fun.
  20. The 1" binder ring is a vital yet often overlooked piece of combat equipment. This engineering wonder is used to affix a nametape to your sundry bags and equipment. Many a candidate has been spared the hardship of confusing one's equipment with that of another candidate by the imposition of such lifesaving hardware deemed necessary by the almighty WOCSOP. Why such an emphasis on seemingly inconsequential minutiae, you say? Because all great leaders must first learn the importance of canoeing one's socks and singing stupid songs whilst walking in groups of four or more, duh.
  21. Just my opinion, but if he insists on enlisting, my experience is that the guys with prior combat MOS backgrounds have an upper hand on the prior 15 series guys. Honestly though, if my kids want to serve, I'm going to recommend that they commission through ROTC. If they branch AV, great, but if not, they'll earn their undergrad, get a hell of a resume in the process, and after a few years can either get out or resign their commission to fly as a warrant with a near guarantee of being picked up. Sure they could try street to seat as well, but even with a 6 year ADSO (4 years is the current standard) following commissioning, they'd be looking at reverting to CW2 at 28 years old, which is pretty much the median age of junior grade warrants anyhow.
  22. HAHAHAHAHA and they wonder why they can't retain pilots. "I'm a CW5 with 30+ years of service...but lemme tell you how WOJG's are clogging up the system". Ridiculous. You want competent pilots produced at a faster rate? Try rooting out the dirtbags at HRC who can't seem to figure out how numbers and projections work, and maybe straighten out the SMO's at B and D Co while you're at it. There is absolutely no reason for excessive bubbles and inefficiency other than administrative mismanagement and a lack of accountability. Instead of shaking down WOJG's for cash and promotions, try streamlining the pipeline. How many millions every year are wasted paying students who are in stuck in training bubbles?
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