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  1. Good luck! I'm fairly new to EMS < a year in. So far I really enjoy it I agree with all the above. So far I havent had any problems with my crews. Just be humble and listen to them. When I go somewhere new I ask them questions about the LZ, normal arrival/departure procedures, obstructions etc. If the crew likes you and your a competent pilot you will have no issues. Talk to the other pilots at your base and listen to what they say.
  2. No I wouldnt switch to an airline if I could. I dated an reginal airline pilot. She was very jealous of my job in the Gulf (where I was working at the time). Some of the benefits of my job over airlines were I stay in the same place every night. I can cook buy grocerys and they will be there when I get "home". My helicopter is always there when I show up for work. I have my car and the ability to go places if I want, etc Reginal airline life style: Low pay to start, 5-6 legs a day, lots of aircraft swaps, early mornings. Get done flying all day and have to wait for the hotel van. Ho
  3. I'm fairly new to EMS < a year in. I'm a younger guy (in my 30's) with 3000 hours. Came from the Gulf and I was worried that I'd get bored flying EMS . So far I love it. My base is pretty busy about 30 flights a month. Crews are great. I work in a rural location so average flight time is 2.0 round trip. I'd like to fly more but the part I like most about EMS is being back home. I moved all over the country to get where I'm at and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to come back home. I enjoyed flying GOM but it is sure nice not to be living in the swamp for half my life. Out of service for no
  4. Many years of sacrifices and moving all around the country due to places closing etc. Took about 5 years before I "made it". Still kind of surprised that I can finally pay the bills comfortably.
  5. recently used one on a long ferry. Foreflight is handy!
  6. Rotorwash, thanks. I'm still having trouble if I try to enter in the: hours, mins and seconds. Maybe I'm retarded? The example you gave does work though....
  7. Anyone know how to input lat & long into skyvector under the flight plan function? I put the coordinates in where it says "enter waypoints" but it does not work. I like using skyvector for quick flight planning (of course not my only source of planning) and in my current job I get alot of coordinates. Appreciate the help!
  8. Tom, I have a bunch of time in an R44 and they are great helicopters. Perfect for a personal owner. Yes the 480 has some good points but overall I don't think you can beat the R44 for the reasons you mentioned. I have a former student that purchased one about 3 years ago. He has had zero major issues with it and flys about 5 hours per week. If you want to go for macho I'd go for a B407 (only burns 360 pounds per hour)
  9. Yeah Five0 CAMTS does require it. I agree with you about there not being a difference between piston/turbine. Before I could get into EMS I had to have the 500 turbine.
  10. I'm just getting into the EMS world. How do you log your NVG time? separate it out from night flight time? thanks
  11. I know guys that commute from CA and everywhere else in the country
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