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  1. Not all guard units suck. Mine is great. Some do though. Just like regular Army.
  2. Regardless of being released, big Army has to be taking folks. They may not be right now. 160th is pretty much always taking applications. Will have to revert to a W. The grass is not always greener either. Active duty is not all sunshine and unlimited flight time.
  3. The sad future effect of the IPC/I.E. courses combing is that when the belt gets tightened again in a few years, they'll start cutting off those training days. A deeper cut to the already deep cut.
  4. What you're worried about is even more far off than the equivalent of people on this forum who just got selected for WOCS and are worrying about where they PCS after flight school.
  5. Really, it's not a big deal. There are tons of other factors effecting promotion. You have multiple years of service and several hundred hours of flight time before you worry about what you're worrying about right now. Concentrate on progression, PC, tracking, not promotion. Show up with a good attitude and do what you know is the right thing. You'll be fine.
  6. Naghhhhh. It'll still be good flying. You still have to progress, fly IFR, maintain goggle currency, and stuff. Show some interest with the MTPs, grab those short flights too, and you'll stay as busy as you want. This is the best job in the world.
  7. http://www.liveyakimavalley.com/activities/outdoors.html Looks awesome
  8. Yakima looks like a pretty awesome place to live to me. You're in the middle of nearly all awesome outdoor activities. Do you not like outside? Enterprise is way worse than WA to me. And I'm from AL.
  9. Wait wait So its official that muffinman is shindig and he has also called another member here on the phone??? Amazing.
  10. You can't comission without a secret clearance. It "should" have been initiated long ago. Or you can sit in in-processing (snowbird ) at wocs forever until it does.
  11. I understand and agree somewhat. A math oriented brain is very useful, needed, and I think I have one. But finding anti derivites??! Or the slope of a polynomial curve at any given point?!? I will bet a drill check that I never find a antideritive again. Ever. Physics was great. Much more useful and relates more to what your speaking of i think. I am pro education. As a 33 year old now, married, three kids, two jobs, I'm want/need my schooling to be efficient, productive, and realtive. I live five minutes from a huge university and the clueless idiots that walk out of there after four years and spending $200,000 of mom and dads money is just amazing. I also dropped my FULL RIDE to Tulane after a year to enlist the USMC Infantry. So I may possiblely be an idiot.
  12. I'm going to ERAU right now. It is only something to set you a little apart from your peers in the pilot world, hours is what you need here. BUT, I was talking with a LTC who is working on his second masters and he told me some words that I thought were wise: Him: Are you any smarter now that you've taken calculus as a 32 year old? Do you need that sh*t? Me: No sir. Him: Right. And I'm not any smarter than you because I have my masters. But you know what continuing education does show? Me: No sir. Him: it shows employers, supervisors, ect, that your are trying to better yourself and are trainable. That you have the will and skill to learn and complete whatever new task that they need. Me: Roger sir. Can you set me up with an IPC date now? Him: No. Go away. Just start it and it becomes part of your routine like PTing. You can free up a few hours a week for one class if you want to.
  13. Are you talking about MEPS interview? Or somebody meeting you at the recruiters office? The MEPS interview is standard, the second one is when they are digging deeper. Just don't change your mind about anything. Get your recruiter to print off your SF86 and you can review it. They should be doing that with you anyway. The "ah hah" "oh yeah" "what I meant to say was" is what will stop you in your tracks.
  14. Theres your source. Points are commonly "fly-by" not "fly-over" as well. Specifically on RNAV. I woundnt put LSF in route of flight box. That does make it look like you're going there. Just PoD. They want to know "route of flight", not necessary what navaids your using. It just like filing for an airway intersection, the navaids aren't listed there, they are trusting you to know how to fix it. Not sure why Im talking instruments stuff anyway when its my GOGGLE stans eval Thursday
  15. That's when it's just an IPenis comparison and nobody may even know the answer. IPs "should" become IPs because they love to teach, re-explain, hone skills, not just belittle and argue over things that contradict themselves in the regs or can't find a reference for. You have to uphold the standard, but betterment at the end of the day should also be the goal. If he reports something useful, please report back. Otherwise, you should be doing something important like PTing or making sure you understand the VFR exception rule.
  16. Lawson is class D. You're going to pick up a clearance on the ground. Tower will already be expecting what you want. They will assign a heading to fly and then hand you off to ATL approach. They are going to put you on an intercept course and hand you back to Carins shortly. You won't just take off in IFR conditions without a clearance. Someone will give you direction. You can always request one while still VMC, but you don't have to be just be circling the airport until then. Could you image taking off with true 100' and 1/4 (or 0/0!) and immideatky circling the airfield in a cloud trying to find the VOR? Is obstacle clearance guaranteed will you circle an airport that doesn't have a circling approach? Sounds like a great way to induce special d. You're just clogging up their airspace and delay other traffic doing something like that. Most procedures are set up for fixed wing/AKA=taking off down the runway and building speed quickly. I'm not going to look through the faraim for you, but what he saying doesn't pass the common sense test, much less work in common practice.
  17. I'm a W2 with 15 years. Flew 189 hours last year. Made about $29,000 from the Guard last year. That's drill, AFTPs, SIM trips, two week AT, another two week course. I'm at my unit a lot. It's that not easy for eveyone, but I work for myself and am in school, so I can pick up those Tues/Wed missions that others can't. Our full time IPs/MTPs are GS-13s, starting out about $90,000 toping out at $110,000ish plus another $20-40,000 on the Guard side too. The Guard is a great deal if you can put forth the time. The guys that live 3+ hours away, already work out of town, or work a lot of weekends/midnights, it can be tough to make minimums. We have quite a few PHI and Rucker pilots that are logging 400-500 hours a year on the civilian side and then come fly with us too. Go Guard!
  18. That jump in flight pay at six years aviation service to $650 a month is going to be nice
  19. A 151A -aviation maintenance technition-is kind of close. A crew chief turned Warrant-super-chief, but don't see them flying much unless on maybe a DART.
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