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  1. 70-80 push-ups and 60 sit-ups in a min? You'll destroy the pt test. Or did you mean 2 mins?
  2. I don't believe the Guard has full time opportunities for pilot, but you may end up flying just as much as AD to keep your minimum flying hours. When do you turn 34? If you don't turn 34 for a while, you may want to try an AD packet first. The fact that you have prior service and a Master's will work well for you. Get your pt up to a 280+, get really strong LORs (CW3/4/5 and other military is always good). Make sure your SIFT is strong, as in 60+. Make sure your ASVAB GT is at least 110, and a 120+ to be competitive. If you do those things, and do them quickly, I'd say you have a pretty
  3. I'm in a similar situation. If you're currently 33, I'd say your best bet is to go Guard. There are stories of guys getting waivers well into their 30s and even early 40s. But timing is everything and the needs of the state will be the biggest factor in you being approved. From what I hear, your civilian flight time doesn't mean much but I'm sure there are others on here who can shed some light on this.
  4. I'm looking for a flight waiver as well and I'm over 35. I'm prior service AD Army with quite a few civ. hours and just joined my state's Guard. I talked to a few guys in my NG unit about this. It's possible to get an age waiver over 35, but don't expect it. I was told to "play your cards right" and do everything possible to make your command believe you're better than the guy next to you who is fully qualified. There's some politics involved as well. There were some whispers of a 37 y/o being granted one last year which provides some hope. But keep in mind that just because the stat
  5. Being ex-Army myself I'll say that proper sentence structure goes a long way to being a good military officer, which you'll be if you get a plum assignment like WOFT. You might want to work on that a little. But you're just a whippersnapper, so you have some time. I would imagine most on here are older than early 20's. I'm 37 and I know there are a few older than me.
  6. I spoke with a few strength managers. Age waivers are being accepted, but it all depends on the state and the odds are stacked against me which I always knew. I'm going to join again anyway. To increase my chances for flight, would it be better to enlist and then apply, or go straight to being an non-aviation officer, and then put in a flight packet?
  7. And I'm sure he's the exception. It's rare to find a 20 year old who has more maturity and wisdom than someone 10 years older.
  8. The only "different breed" as it relates to pilots are fighter pilots. Helos and heavies are typically just regular guys.
  9. Yamer, How many LORs are needed for the Guard? Do you have a checklist example?
  10. Guard age limit is 42 which I was shocked to hear. They must really need officers.
  11. Fair enough. At the end of the day, it's obviously how the Board views flight time, not me. I spoke with a WOSM who said the State is open to age waivers but they are difficult to get. No surprise there. I'm going to join up anyway - I sorta miss the Army environment. Am I better off going in as 09S (officer) in any branch or just enlisting if my ultimate goal is trying to get flight? Not sure if the Army would want to keep me as an Infantry Officer, for example, if I was placed there. But then again being an Officer I'd have BOLC, etc done and leadership ability.
  12. I realize what you are saying with how the program is setup. But I would think an experienced pilot would give the Army more confidence in one's ability to complete flight school vs. someone with little or no flight time. For those who have never flown, I sure hope they don't realize their uneasiness 1000 ft above ground at Ft Rucker. But maybe the SIFT is a better indicator? That's an exam I still have to take.
  13. I understand I won't get a waiver from street to seat, but wondering if I have a shot if I were to enlist. Not sure why civ time wouldn't matter?
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