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  1. hey guy just wanted to know if u are still out there ? long time no chat
  2. ok guys im not liking the recording comments at all tgats just wrong
  3. ok sorry I meant lindsey but you have understand it can be spelled different ways and one of the girls I work with at the horse stables is lindsay with an a stearmann are you the seal and also army pilot?? Omg if so lets talk pls and thanks
  4. ok trade i dont know what I mean by jump the shark ....your a clown and even lindsay thinks so so pls stop posting
  5. no hes a male not a female...I dont think females are allowed to be seals imho
  6. ok guys Im trying to get new letters and I know the navy seal guy who turned pilot say he might write me one big i cant remember his name ...do u have it? I dunno
  7. Ok went to meps today all is good no medical problems ...i did have some counseling last yr but it was only for a few days so I didn't say anything to the doc. My recr said just say no too bc other wise too much paperwork so im good to go half way there thru process
  8. ok how do you know his boss? ..this is strange.I already have my meps phys for next week and I dont need to take the asvab
  9. lindsey no im not sure what you are talking about.. is with a t not a g
  10. I talked to a new recr today sgt and he is going to schedule my meps phys and my asvab might still be good so im glad i might not have to retake
  11. ok the troll talk is dumb guys but can think whatever i dont care...but any way i tried calling my recr again after I got off work at the stables ...and still no answer so im thinking maybe hes on a long vaca or something ...but maybe i should find another person to help me ?? I dunno
  12. ok lindsey I do not like the doush comment that is just not nice and not true... like I say i have come a long way, my little sis who just turn 17 is thinking about going in army to be a pilot but she might just do the part time army but any way i wanted her to call u ( ok or email or whatever if u do not feel comfy on phone) bc i think you can be a good example for her.... but honestly i dont know right now bc of name calling from u and stuff like that and i have to protect my sis from that, she is the only one i got
  13. hey guys just had a question. I wore a gray suit in my photo for my packet last time ...should i retake photo in black suit? I hear darker is better so curious...pls and thx
  14. ok guys stratose and trade thats fine I don't care....I am focus and cant be distracted bc I need to work with my old recr again now and ive been calling him and left severalvoice mails the last few wks to tell him i want to do everything over again and do my meps phys again...but I havent heard back so hes prob just on vacation or on a beach some where so ill just try him next week
  15. ok trade seriously please stop you were on me last yr all the time you make my head spin and stress me out....and dont need that right now Im tired of your shadow coming back to hunt me all the time, please go away and yes it is I know spelled mature
  16. wally ok yes I know sorry but ive maturd since then...I was going thru lots last yr and still am I guess but more focused and i want to get it right
  17. ok guys im back i wanted to let u know that i really did not make it last yr to the selection i lied lol...but i wanted to let u know now so there is no thinking less of me...but i was actually close beleve it or not and now i'm starting my packet all over again bc all my stuff expired...so it have to do my asvb phys etc over again. but im ready now, before i wasnt focused bc my grandpa was sick and i had other things going on ...please and thx
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