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  1. Thank goodness you have another shot at a picture shindig; this is definitely what you want to go with.
  2. Haha I love it! I don't blame you though, seems like it has been a long haul for you. Best of luck on Wednesday and hope you can avoid those "F" word aircraft.
  3. I bet you can't say "meow" 10 times during selection.
  4. Won, I totally agree with your post about the PC way of the world right now. I have worked a lot with troubled youth actually and it is the similiar to the situation you are talking about. I assure you the way I express myself on here is not how I handle myself in person. Again, I just can't stand people that constantly puff out their chests at people from behind a computer screen, so I tend to probably seem quite pacific. Also, I was actually not referring to the shindig thread, that young man (if even real) has brought down the hammer on himself and I feel no remorse for him. I was not refer
  5. Alright well that makes it pretty cut and dry. Thanks for help!
  6. thanks Lindsey! Didn't mean to make you read a novel as my explanation haha. Thank you again for the input!
  7. I believe my intentions were misread here, I was not referring to any hostilities towards myself at all. I appreciate the words of support I received; I just sensed the possibility of a turn for the worst and wanted to snuff it out. I assure you my skin is thicker than it may seem on these posts (been in sports my whole life, often with less than stellar leadership). Often my kindness is mistaken for weakness I suppose, I just absolutely despise internet Hercules types and so I tend to tip heavily on the other end of the scale. I should have stated more clearly that I have seen throughout OTHE
  8. Alright perfect! Is that a history of APFT tests or just your most recent? Sorry if I seem clueless, but I'm the first selectee that my recruiting station has ever had with these recruiters so they can't tell me much. I only ask because I'm coming out of collegiate football and I'm not exactly in army running shape yet haha.
  9. I apologize for even bringing it up, I was just trying to explain the reasoning for my points lost. I have noticed a lot of hostility on the forum lately and not trying to tell people what to do, but let's try and keep it civil. I could be taking people's comments out of context and I hope I am. There are other threads were things are getting a bit chippy and it's sad. Again I apologize if my comments offended anyone; I was just attempting to help out future applicants and warn of subtle nuances that may seem innocent, but do get noticed. Let's leave it at that and try and comment to help this
  10. I hate to thread hijack, but I feel that this is the best thread to ask this. With all the talk about fixed wing, I am curious as to what all goes into selection ranking; there is the obvious factors of test scores and performance behind the stick I'm assuming, but what other factors come into play? Or do any? I'm not even close to this step yet, however; curiosity is getting the best of me. Thanks in advance for any info!
  11. Ok well that makes a little more sense. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Ok thanks. Maybe I'm confused about how selection actually works...do they only have as many aircraft available as pilots? It just seems that with the smaller class size they would have their pick of any aircraft as it seems almost all large selections have at least 1 of each available.
  13. Does anyone know if those were the only aircraft available? Or did they get what they wanted due to the low numbers?
  14. Yea I was not pleased with her criticism as it was not even meant as brotherhood in the military it was me "searching for a similar brotherhood I had throughout my sports careers". Either way, it did not effect my selection so I'm not letting it get to me.
  15. Again I am no public speaking expert or psychologist, but I would not rehearse a specific line over and over again. At least my board members said they were bringing in questions from all different angles in order to produce more spontaneous answers rather than just having me recite prepared answers. Know your weaknesses and failures so that you are not completely unprepared, but I suggest that you don't have a memorized response. At least for me, what I believed was my biggest weakness and what I was going to say was not what actually came out in the board and looking back now I'm glad that I
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