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  1. I think that generally, the board looks slightly more favorably on flight hours (at least, seemed that way to me). That being said, given your financial situation, I would advise that you finish your degree. Assuming you come out with a decent GPA, you're going to look just fine to the board, and finishing your degree makes more sense on the off-chance you don't get selected for the program.
  2. Agreed on going 15-series. Most of the prior-enlisted WOs here at Rucker were either 15-series, or were combat arms (seems to be very little of anything else). I would recommend 15-series simply for the fact that getting letters of recommendation is going to be stupid easy when you work around warrant officers every day.
  3. Anyone got any knowledge of recent selections? I heard from a friend that they're not giving out any 64Es currently cause they're all going to the Saudis, but I also heard there's a shitload of 64Ds going out cause of the shortage.
  4. I never thought I'd have to heard those words again
  5. 64D course is now on the AQC CMP, which is 16 weeks. They cut like 8 weeks out of the course, not sure on the number of flight hours. Transition phase (which I just finished) lost about 13 hours, and that's just the first phase. It's brutal. The Echoes aren't having an easier time of it either. At this point I'm convinced they're just kinda allowing us to pass, cause there's no way we're up to the standard from the previous CMP.
  6. That's a solid point you've made, I hadn't considered it like that before
  7. Helps also that the CH-47 is a completely wacky aircraft (IMO) and also does (basically) everything the UH-60 does, but more. Not everyone in the 64 course is here by choice. There's one dude in my class who was forced into the Apache cause he was last on the OML at selection. That being said: That one dude has done a complete 180 since class started, and he wouldn't trade the 64 for anything now that he's flown it. Speaking of selections: What's the deal with them recently? The class leader notes today said something about BN restructuring the OML cause of recent f*ckery.
  8. Can confirm, SIFT score played a significant role in my selection as OIC. Also I'm slightly late to the thread, yeah there was a selection Friday. 47s went 1 and 2, 64s scattered throughout.
  9. I should probably post the numbers from last Thursday. 3 CH-47F 5 (I think?) AH-64D 2 (I think?) UH-60M Not sure if it was TH-67 or Lakota, but probably Lakota judging by the numbers. I know the Chinooks went 1-2-3, can't remember the exact numbers for the other airframes. Interesting class, too; every warrant was active duty, every lieutenant was Guard/Reserve. Weird.
  10. "Chiniowas" Don't even care if he's fake, that's hysterical.
  11. Can't speak to 2 and 4, but I'll answer what I can. 1. Fort Carson in Colorado Springs is likely where they'll send you for the flight physical (assuming you're in Colorado). 3. That's a pretty fantastic set of LoR's you got there. I don't know how the rules differ for prior enlisted, but going through street-to-seat as a civilian, I wasn't required to have a letter from a WO. I had an Air Force O-6, two O-3s, and a retired O-4. You might as well make your packet as shiny as possible, though, meaning that if you can't/don't need a WO letter, you might as well get a letter from a boss or professor. 6 letters looks better than 5. Hope that helped.
  12. Selection today: 2 AH-64D 3 CH-47F and a f*ckton of UH-60M. Pretty sure a 47 went first, not sure if 67 or 72 class.
  13. Here's my advice as someone who came in with a fixed-wing PPL. It does help your packet. How much depends entirely on how many hours you have. The board apparently liked my 120 hours quite a bit, because it managed to cancel out a 2.9 GPA. I would recommend getting the fixed wing over the rotary wing for the following reasons: 1. It's a hell of a lot cheaper, which is good considering that you'll get paid to get trained by the Army. 2. You'll come out of WOFT with a commercial and instrument rotary-wing rating (if you take the Military Equivalency course), so you're just adding to your skillset if you go fixed-wing prior to being selected. 3. The actual mechanical skills of flying a helicopter will come to you easily no matter which rating you get. 4. The knowledge that is really going to help once you get to primary (how to read a sectional, airspace, some aerodynamics, comfort with talking on the radio, etc.) will be taught to you in either fixed or rotary on the civilian side. What I'm trying to say with all that is that there are a couple minor advantages to going fixed (namely, cost and widening your skill set). You might as well go fixed wing, because the skills that will actually help you while you're in flight school will be taught for both fixed and rotary on the civilian side. (All that being said, helicopters are way more fun and I never want to go back to flying starch-wings again)
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