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  1. Warrants: 64E x1, 64D x1, 60M x10, 60A/L x4 LTs: 64E x1, 60M x16 For the warrants, the 64D actually went first (not sure why), followed by the 64E, and then the ten 60Ms. The top LT chose a 60M, which was followed by the 64E, and then the rest of the 60Ms. No 47s for either group (though there was a single NG warrant who already knew he would be flying 47s for his state).
  2. Wait for it... "id be willing to bet 200 for your 50 that u photoshopped it..."
  3. And luckily for you, it's not troll-proof either. You say it's not a big deal what you think about the scores -- then why do you keep posting your inflammatory accusations? If you really do think that people are lying (your total lack of evidence notwithstanding) then why not just keep it to yourself? To DocHilliday316, congrats on a good score.
  4. Really hoping we get something similar in July.
  5. And just think... some poor Drill Sergeant gets to teach him how to throw a hand grenade.
  6. Nope. Don't blame homeschooling for your poor writing skills and equally poor attitude. I was homeschooled from the very beginning all the way through high school graduation, and I can promise you that it's not the reason. And even if it was? You aren't being homeschooled anymore. Your parents aren't holding your hand anymore (or shouldn't be, anyway). Take a long, hard look in the mirror. If you really are real, and shipping off to basic training in a few short weeks, then maybe it's time to take responsibility for your own shortcomings (e.g. writing and attitude) and do whatever it takes to fix them for the better. If you hadn't noticed, this entire forum is just filled with threads dedicated to people trying to better themselves through the acquisition of information from those who have already been there, done that, and earned their wings. Instead of blaming everyone else for your problems, realize that those same people you're blaming or accusing or badmouthing or whatever -- they all have their own set of shortcomings and problems too, but they've already taken that hard look in the mirror. And guess what? They're improving. They're bettering themselves. And eventually, they'll be earning their wings. I've read these pep talks from plenty of other people earlier on in this thread, so it's not like I'm the first to tell you to man up. Probably won't be the last, based on how this thread is adamantly refusing to die. TL;DR -- Shut up. Man up. Grow up. ... and maybe one day you can earn your wings too. And if not, at least you'll be a better and more developed person for trying.
  7. I actually recognize the guy in the front center, wearing the black shirt. He was a private in my platoon back before I came to Rucker. Small world...
  8. Let's see if that lasts longer than a few days.
  9. Additionally, work on your spelling/grammar. With all of the free resources available online, that's an easy and valuable improvement that will help you in whatever career you end up pursuing.
  10. I think the better question would be: why are you walking around in those locations in uniform in the first place? I understand stopping at the gas station on the way home or whatever, but... the mall?
  11. Unfortunately. Send me a PM if you have any specific questions.
  12. Or if you went to the 160th you could always try for the AH-6 or MH-60 DAP, if you have your heart set on pulling triggers.
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