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  1. Does anyone have any experience anchoring a barge in an anchorage at sea and using it as a helipad? As far as I saw barges are mainly used in canals and rivers, so I am not sure regarding their seaworthiness.
  2. The barge option sounds interesting, just googled it and barges in the required size are actually quite cheap. Regarding the amphibians, I do know them and have flown as pax inside as well, however our finca does not have a landing strip that is licensed (really difficult to get in Europe). However Helicopters are no problem whatsoever to land here, even though size wise both would theoretically be able to land.
  3. Thanks for your answers. They are really thought through and I do appreciate them. Seaplane would have more disadvantages to commute though, because it could not land on our finca at land.
  4. Dear Forum, this will be my first post, so I will use it to also introduce myself and say thank you for letting me join the forum! So I have a boat (which is unfortunately not big enough for a helipad). In summer we are usually anchored at our favorite anchorspot for several weeks and I have to leave several times during that due to work commitments, which is a choppy and long tender commute. However having a Helicopter with floats, like the R44 clipper would help cut the commute short and make our schedule so much more flexible. So my Question would be if it is possible to use a helicopter with floats to anchor next to your yacht or tie it up alongside for a few days apiece. The conditions would be: -salty water -light swell (nothing major) -water depth between 3-5 meters (anchor could be carried on boat) What helicopter models should I look at? Which issues do you think would arise? What else should I consider? Thank you very much for your help! Looking forward for your input, it will be very much appreciated!
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