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  1. Can confirm, whatever you do don't be S-1. I got stuck with it and it's a pretty awful additional duty. As others have said just play the games and don't try to stick out. Nothing in WOCS is all that hard, it's just a matter of getting through it and eventually you'll start the fun stuff in Primary.
  2. So far here at Rucker I've seen people from Benning, Jackson, and Sill but I believe you can get sent to any of the basic training locations. After BCT is WOCS, then WOBC, then SERE or Dunker (not sure of the order of those two), then IERW. You'll get pretty used to Rucker by the time you're done with all of your training!
  3. I had LASIK back in December 2014. I had to wait 6 months afterward for the Army to look at me again. I had no issues with my surgery but had a lot of issues when the Army looked at me because apparently the doctors I was talking with (the doctors at MEPS and two different aviation physical doctors) didn't know the regs dealing with pre and post-op eye requirements. I don't know the 20/# I was either but my eyes were extremely bad. Before you actually have LASIK/PRK I would just check with an Army AME (not sure the correct name) and make sure your eyes pass all the pre-op tests and requirements. I don't know the requirements off the top of my head but I know they can be found online. Also make sure you get copies of and keep all of your pre-op eye paperwork and get paperwork from each of your post-op eye exams. Somewhere on here is a thread I made all about the struggles I had to go through. Fortunately even after being told I was going to be unable to continue the process because of my eyes I was still able to make it work. Good luck to you and if you have any other questions about the process feel free to ask!
  4. I appreciate all of your feedback! I'm excited to start WOCS. My only worry now (and if it's true there isn't much I can do about it) is ill be a holdover until January 5th as I was told this is the next class date. I've already received a good amount of feedback on what to expect as a holdover but if anyone wants to let me know what their experience was that would be great.
  5. I'm graduating from basic training this week and was just curious what I can expect at WOCS. I'll start by saying I did a forum search but it didn't seem to bring up any relevant information. I assume I go directly from here to Fort Rucker to start WOCS? Or is there something in between? I've been reading: http://usacac.army.mil/organizations/cace/wocc/courses/wocs It seems like there is a reception period before WOCS starts. Am I correct to assume I'll be with more than just aviation guys and gals? I've read differing answers on how long it is but it seems like 6 weeks is about the average. According to that site somewhere around 2 weeks in is when candidates usually get phone access. Is this fairly accurate? I've went this long so I guess another few weeks without a phone isn't so bad, just curious so I can let my family know. How much of the training is physical vs classroom? Any other tips or info you could share would be awesome. I wish I had more phone time to keep searching because I'm sure the answers to many of these questions are somewhere in this forum, just wasn't able to find them in my search. Thanks!
  6. Again thanks to you all for your insight! It's exactly what I was looking for. Getting more and more excited to start this journey!
  7. Awesome! Thanks for the information. I'm mostly curious about the 60's and 47's as that's my goal. So currently when you get to your unit is the majority (or all?) of your flying done for training? Are you ever actually preforming missions? Sorry if these seem like basic or silly questions. Just curious as to what to expect in the future.
  8. Awesome! Exactly the answer I was hoping for! Thanks a lot for answering all of my questions. It's making me even more excited to start! One more for you. During flight school I'm assuming you learn all of the basic maneuvers and such but you mentioned missions. I'm a civilian currently so when I think of missions I think more of what you may be doing in the real world rather than a flight practicing a couple basic maneuvers. So eventually during training do you start practicing more real world scenarios or missions?
  9. Sorry, I've been on these forums for years and read nearly everything. I've seen some of these answered but I wasn't able to find them in a quick search.
  10. So will everyone be training in the Lakota's now? Or is that the goal anyway? Are they phasing out the TH-67's?
  11. I have a couple of questions for those of you who have went through or are going through flight school. Can you have a desktop, laptop, or tablet? Do you use EFBs or is it all paper? What's a "normal" day/week like? How much time is spent in the ground school portion compared to the simulator or actual flying time? Do you get a lot of free time or is most of the time there spent learning, flying, or studying? Is a normal week Monday-Friday? Saturday? Are you in base housing or can you live off base? Can you go off base at all? I'm sure I could think of more questions but these were some I had off the top of my mind. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  12. Mine was actually spaced to 1.5. Not sure how much it matters. Honestly don't remember why I did 1.5 but I know I was able to just fit my full handwritten essay on one piece of paper.
  13. From what I understand talking about family who have served is a good idea. It does seem like that is the majority of the essay though. Also, it seems very short. Are you writing small? It's been a while since I looked at mine but I'm pretty sure mine was about three times the length. Like you said, you can probably write a ten pages on it so if it isn't already, I'd make it take up that entire page.
  14. I'm curious about this as well. Obviously you aren't flying everyday so what are days like when you don't fly? What additional duties do you do?
  15. Haha not quite but probably not far off. You could buy a Curtiss JN4 for $490 though! I'd totally but one right now for that if I could haha
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