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  1. Alright well if you do decide to shave it make sure you at least keep the soul patch. A little bit' o soul patch goes a long way.
  2. I heard from two people at bravo desk that last selection was all 60s for warrants. Nothing was posted on the monitor though.
  3. All of you look great. If any of you have any questions feel free to pm me. I'd be happy to help you out.
  4. C-47 skytrain miss. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Douglas_C-47_Skytrain.jpg
  5. I was once told by a major in the USAF that flight time spent in the uh47 counts toward fixed wing time. Meaning that you could be working towards flying commercial when you decided to get out. Is this complete nonsense ??
  6. That's exactly what happens... Not to mention the fact that you will be instantaneously dripping in bitches.
  7. Exactly. I mean you don't want to overdo it, but if you are serious about flying helicopters, go ahead and get yourself something like this.
  8. A hat with a pimp-feather will help you stand out from your competition.
  9. Agreed He used to be a good troll. He traded that in for being best friends with the lamest person on this site (Lindsay). Weak.
  10. Hi tubbypants. Thanks for the great write up. How difficult are the written exams? What are some of the topics covered in all the academics?
  11. Wow, sick recruiter.. I'll tell you right now though. You are not going to be making the October board. Zero chance. And although this recruiter sounds completely amazing, it still might be worth checking in with your local recruiter first. I have no idea how far away he is from you, and if it's not outrageous I supppse consider it. But still, I'd go talk with local recruiter and see if they have someone who seems willing to help you out. They are going to ask you for the exact same stuff without the need to spend money on a two way trip flight ticket. Just my 2 cents. Best of luck. ((I am assuming he does not have all that stuff completed))
  12. Okay.. Well lindsay only gets hours when flying to and from the ski slopes in the beautiful state of Washington.. She isn't taking fire or anything, so I'm not going to count any of those hours. That being said it is completely fair to strike all of my 84 hours from the record.. You're right.. I've got literally the EXACT same amount of experience as someone with 0 hours. Might as well have 0 hours... I agree. Private Pilot License is something you can just print out on the internet and the FAA recognizes it and everything.. 84 hours, PPL.. /scoff.. Clearly 100% worthless. I'm happy all that was settled. Now about this dictionary..
  13. Sure!! Let's start by buying you a f*cking dictionary!! Shall we??
  14. It would be very easy for me to defend myself off the claims that I am embarrassing myself, but every time I shut someone down on this site for talking out of their ass/making blanket statements, they just choose something completely new to attack me with without ever acknowledging anything I had previously said. Therefore, its pointless to continue with this.. At least you guys show solidarity and come to defend those who are incapable of defending themselves. -Goodbye
  15. notes on how to reply to a post in a way that is constructive/positive. I could blow you the f**k up, right now. But I'll take the high road and let you off as being someone who just blindly defends someone who doesent deserve to be defended in this particular manner. 84 hours in flight log book. Thanks playa.
  16. Take notes Lindsay. Thank you for your time, Sir Kona.
  17. Can't express in words how f*cking amped I am for sill.
  18. For that particular section, 100%. Aside from this one particular section, my score isn't high enough to give other people advice. I scored a meager 64 to answer your question though. That being said i still feel my trick is worth checking out considering some people are saying they had trouble with hidden figures.
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