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  1. Let me drop some actual SIFT tips on ya'll in regards to the "hidden figures" section... I've actually got a legitimate trick for this one. I have taken the SIFT and the AFOQT and I can remember finishing the hidden figures section in both tests feeling confident i got a 100%. Here is the trick.... What you want to do is find the most convoluted portion of the picture.. Where does it look the most confusing?? Usually that is the location they are able to best hide something.. I would argue that the bottom right quarter quadrant has the most stuff going on... And once I have that information, I scour that section and finding the answer "C" becomes fairly simple.. As I said, I've completed at least 2 serious tests containing these sections, and both times, I was 100% sure I got them all correct. I really hope that information is useful to some.. Thanks, a lot, and Good luck.. p.s. Great posts.
  2. Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. You make the c12 sound quite appealing.
  3. you need to get over that anger bridge. are you enjoying the ski slopes in beautiful Washington?? Make sure you check that out Lindsey... Really for people like you.
  4. What is the typical operating range a blackhawk pilot could expect??
  5. Wow 9000 feet in a Blackhawk?? That's a lot higher than I would have imagined.
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=4tHmvjptqAI Very important video....
  7. The way it was explained to me was... "Army guys are allowed to tell ATC to f**k themselves at any point in time and for any reason. As long as they are in a helicopter, the FAA's hands are tied." -G,S.Patton Jr. He was all about sticking it to the FAA for some reason.. I think he just liked the power of immunity. Flashing FAA agents his dong was something that he wrote extensively on in his autobiography.
  8. Sorry, what is "stingway flight?" What are the other options for primary? What determines if you get stingray flight or not?
  9. Yes, from Tampa Meps... Your class starts in January, correct?
  10. Infantry... Straight to the front. -jk,sorry about your situation.
  11. My ship date is September 26th, good sir.. I too was confused seeing the other dates that were being posted. I know Dmurray is way different.. Perhaps its because he has been through basic before?
  12. You can come play league of legends with me, and I'll show you what real trolling is.. jk with second part.
  13. Yeah all those topics are good talking points.. Just keep in mind that pretty much everyone uses those In their letter. You want to include something that they haven't already read 100x.. I myself, devoted an entire paragraph to discuss just how "insanely hot" some of the girls that I had dated, were. there was one female officer at my board, she was the only one at the board who didn't say something nice about my letter. In summation, just start with the aforementioned topics and fill up the page. show it to your recruiter and he will give you some ideas on what to re write. Goodluck
  14. the point he is making is that you need to be persistent and be open to going to a different recruiter.. there is your cool story.. bro.
  15. I'm not saying I think it will be easy. I do however Think it sounds a lot more exciting than my current job of answering phones all day.
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